[Hand Written] Jagged Edged Cipher – ‘Jacob William Rees-Mogg’ [Alignment 1]

Jacob William Rees-Mogg is the son of a famous person. He was born in 1969. His father, William Rees-Mogg, was a significant newspaper editor, The Times 1967-81. By sheer chance, no more, the father’s name – in Jagged Edged cipher format – ‘William Rees-Mogg’ spelt out ‘George Orwell’. I say by chance, because W.R-M was born in 1928 while G.O. was a writer between 1929-49.

‘Jacob William Rees-Mogg’

‘George Orwell I am able see I reliable egg. Or, more ogre, gorier. I a law jails I’ll all I see well. Ol’ Bill ire, while go more ill am bail. See I jailer. I’ll Bill call law. Else sillier. Go Roger I willies ; iller I a wall claw. All lies legal.’

Supercomputers can run millions of times faster than a human being doing it by hand. For example, compiling a Jagged Edged Cipher

I’m a Cryptanalyst. I break ciphers.

Over time, I have got used to having the mindset that a person (or several) have written a cipher then along comes me and I crack it.

This logic – from the 2010s onwards – is now shattered. It is utterly blown away. I am realising from Jagged Edged cipher decryptions that most current ones I decrypt must – on the balance of probabilities – have been compiled by a supercomputer.

Particularly, since the early part of the 2010s decade, the phenomenal increase in absolute number crunching power of supercomputers is breathtaking. It is undeniable.

What was once an exercise in a person doing a Jagged Edged Cipher with pen and paper has been scaled up on an industrial scale by technocrats.

Allow me to lay before you – in the coming weeks – my reasoning using just Jagged Edged cipher decryptions.

Witness Intimidation offence committed by Steven Ruscoe

On the opening day of the Gaia Pope Inquest, Tuesday 26 April 2022, I received an unsolicited knock on my front door. The man standing there showed me his ID card; it read STEVEN RUSCOE. He was accompanied by another employee of The Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority and an employee of the new – to this apartment block – management company Dickinson Bowden.

I accuse Steven Ruscoe of Witness Intimidation which is an extremely serious criminal offence.

Among the little that was said, he commenced the subject of the recent heath fires in Dorset ; he certainly wanted to bring up the subject, that was very obvious.

The Fire and Rescue Authority (Membership) Order 2017

The Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority (Combination Scheme) Order 2015

Dickinson Bowden

Gaia Pope and Courtney Kilvert ‘suicide’ cases. The same coroner and the same police force. When silence speaks louder than words

Today, has started the coroner’s inquest into the death of Gaia Pope.

Can I point out that despite whatever anyone says about this coroner’s inquest it will become one piece of a far larger puzzle of suspicious deaths on the Jurassic Coast. At no point, has anyone – coroner, police – been prepared to look at M.I.9’s drug trafficking involvement. Every time a major M.I.9 drugs consignment lands in Dorset the deal is sealed with a murder, every time.

Another suspicious death (Courtney Kilvert, 2019) in Weymouth has also been passed off by the Dorset Police’s top bods and the coroner as a ‘suicide’.

As just a 2-line Jagged Edged Cipher, write down the name of:
Can you spot the surname of a major international drugs trafficker who did major drug deals in Weymouth ? Here’s a clue, read the court case sentencing report …


PDF – Full Decryption Texts of three Section 21 Notice (eviction) and Section 4 (‘mental health’) ciphers

The Jagged Edged Cipher –
‘The 2014, Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act’

The Jagged Edged Cipher –
‘Mental Health Act, 2007’

The Jagged Edged Cipher –
‘Dorset Multiple Sclerosis Society’ / ‘The Acorns Day Centre, 5 Grosvenor Road, Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom’
[ The Dorset P&CC was due to speak here in early Nov. 2021 ]

Here’s the FULL PDF

[Shorts] The Jagged Edged Cipher -
‘The 2014, Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act’

How Sue Cox ex-police among a small corrupt organised crime gang within The Dorset Police Force targeted me:

Encryption text (10-line encryption):
‘The 2014, Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act’

Decryption text:
‘eviction’s be on a fast Section Twenty One Notice have M.I.Nine demand
end-March [2021] arrived end in evicts October [2021] he’s to be section
on a Section Four your truth not on so to be here chair I have I’m a man
in denial am a man demand me mind mend end I a machine denial in dial
I cop a pact I C.I.D. [ Criminal Investigation Department ] in D.C.I. [Detective
Chief Inspector ] in a machine DNA mine decide man licit claim a maniac’

[Shorts] The Jagged Edged Cipher -
‘Mental Health Act, 2007’

How Sue Cox ex-police among a small corrupt organised crime gang within The Dorset Police Force targeted me:

Encryption text (5-line encryption):
‘Mental Health Act, 2007’

Decryption text:
‘DNA saves us as ease us use so send now oh woes one so what who how ow that two DNA Sue’s oh cheat out o’ house so shout out that name mean a match catch each out us uses even DNA so ha twot lament name me ahem a mental house oh those shout out teach each cattle name me meant won on DNA so who how’s each DNA vs (y)ou Sue’s use ?’