The Eyes of the Zodiac Killer

To place Randy Kenney / Cenney in some sort of context please read through my Category ‘The Zodiac Killer 1966-1971’ perhaps before you choose to watch the following 2 videos. Remember, he is not as young and as athletic as he would have been back in the late-1960s, 1970s, 1980s.

Video one, he gave an interview to ABC7 television channel in February 2014. Duration 5 mins 56 secs.
Screen capture : Randy Kenney being interviewed by ABC7 television channel in the USA.

Randy Kenney - ABC7 screen capture

Quoting Randy Kenney from the ABC7 interview in 2014, apparently talking about another person’s conversation with him in 2002, he says between 1 min 52 sec to 1 min 59 sec :

“Well, he said, I killed some people. I’m the guy they’re looking for. They’ve been looking for me for over 30 years. I’m the guy that’s the Zodiac Killer.”

Video two, he has a ‘Zodiac Killer’s Advocate’ YouTube video under his name Randy Kenney.
Duration 3 mins 07 sec.

Screen capture : Randy Kenney from his YouTube monologue.

Randy Kenney - The Zodiac Killer's Advocate on YouTube

Quoting Randy Kenney from his YouTube monologue, apparently talking about another person, right at the end he says :

“. . . and how he got away with it. I didn’t tell them everything. There’s a lot of stuff that hasn’t been told to anybody yet. Intellectual properties of mine. There’s a lot of unsolved murders that this guy is responsible for and there’s a lot of things that he had told me . . . well, they [the police] don’t know everything yet.”

I cracked his Zodiac Killer ‘Names Only’ Cipher in March 2014 after seeing his ABC7 interview archived on the Internet.

For justice for all his victims, it is time for a police force to bring this guy in.

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