Zodiac Cipher – Commander Graham McNulty of London’s Metropolitan Police Force

“Significant efforts were made to conceal the body”is a sentence that Commander Graham McNulty said out loud in front of the British media in a press conference. He was video recorded by several television channels.

For a law-abiding citizen, this is one of the biggest betrayals possible. We are brought up to believe that police officers don’t simply arrest and prosecute criminals but also protect the public from being harmed. On deciphering this Zodiac Cipher, I felt especially sick to my stomach. It makes it even more frightening than it already is.

What are they paying you in, buddy ? Luncheon vouchers ? Mobile phone top-ups ? Sherbet refills ? Bags of loose tuppenny coins ?  . . .

Parental Guidance. Zodiac Cipher content is not suitable for children.

Zodiac Cipher - Graham McNulty - Metropolitan Police Commander

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