Zodiac Cipher – Zodiac Killer’s victims 1966-1968 – Bates Jensen Faraday

The Zodiac Killer has never been caught. It is officially recognised that he killed Cheri Jo Bates on October 30, 1966 in Riverside, California, USA. He then murdered Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday on December 20, 1968 in Benicia City, Vallejo, California. Note carefully the name that appears in the decryption because you are going to see it a lot.

I am presenting on this website the entire Zodiac Killer’s ciphers and cryptograms that I have decrypted.

Let me do this in stages.

Firstly, I will post my deciphers of the Zodiac Killer’s ‘Names Only’.

Secondly, his Zodiac letters which all contain a cipher with much important information.

Thirdly, I will present the 408 cipher which was correctly deciphered in 1969 by 2 American teachers except, for some bizarre reason, they only understood part of it i.e. they did not work out its second part.

Fourthly, I will present my decipher of the other 2 known cryptograms.

This will all, of course, take some time.

Parental Guidance. Zodiac Cipher content is not suitable for children.

To print this Jpeg, onto 1 side of A4, I set my printer to 93%. Your printer might be slightly different.

Zodiac Cipher - Zodiac Killer victims 1966-1968 - Bates Jensen FaradayZodiac Cipher - Zodiac Killer victims 1966-1968 - Bates Jensen Faraday

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