Zodiac Cipher – Zodiac Killer’s victims 1970 – D. Lass, M. Bennallack

Donna Lass was abducted from a parking lot on September 26, 1970. Suspected foul play by the police, her body has never been found. Lass is a potential Zodiac Killer victim (the seventeenth victim) according to Robert Graysmith in his excellent Zodiac book. The Zodiac Killer victim list appears on its pages 308-309. Note pages 310-311, I will classify these murders as Zodiac Ciphers but not under the name of Zodiac Killer. For a sound reason.

Mary Bennallack was murdered on October 25, 1970. Bennallack is the eighteenth victim according to Graysmith. She was killed at Sacramento, California.

Parts of California (USA) are bilingual. So, here the decipher is in Spanish.

Zodiac Cipher - Zodiac Killer victims Sept-Oct 1970 - Donna Lass, Mary Bennallack [in Spanish]

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