Zodiac Cipher – Zodiac Killer’s victims March 1970 – C. Ellison, P. King, J. Hakari, A. Anstey

Cosette Ellison was murdered on March 3, 1970. Ellison is a potential Zodiac Killer victim (the eleventh victim) according to Robert Graysmith in his excellent book Zodiac on pages 308-309.

Patricia King was killed on March 5, 1970. King is the twelfth victim according to Graysmith. She was killed at College in California.

Judith Hakari was murdered on March 7 1970. She is the thirteenth victim according to his book’s Appendices.

Antoinette Anstey was killed on March 13, 1970. Anstey is unofficially the fourteenth victim. She was killed in Vallejo, California.

Zodiac Cipher - Zodiac Killer victims March 1970 - Cosette Ellison, Patricia King, Judith Hakari, Antoinette Anstey

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