Commonwealth crime form of the AFP submitted

This evening, I’ve reported on a Commonwealth crime form of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) one of their former police officers, a detective superintendent geoff beresford on a cocaine trafficking and conspiracy to murder in the Revelle Balmain case. The crime form went through at London Time 22.08 on 13/11/2014. The acknowledgement page says : ‘The AFP undertakes to provide a response to complainants within 28 days of receiving a submission.’

If I simply get fobbed off, or receive no reply, I intend to post to this web site the Zodiac Cipher that includes geoff beresford’s and Gavin Owen Samer’s names and where Revelle Balmain’s body could be buried. As an example of what I mean read the Claudia Lawrence ones.

As far as goes the geoff beresford’s, in their world murder’s not a crime, nor is cocaine trafficking, the real prosecutable crime is you and I, Joe-Jane Public, finding the evidence.

Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford

geoff beresford, ex-copper

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