Faith, balanced reports, and solving the Zodiac Killer case

Before I say this, I’ve got a very good partial solution to the 340-cipher of the Zodiac Killer and a much more logical 408-cipher solution. The Hardens did Stage 1 of the 408-cipher’s decryption and they weren’t wrong but it has a crucially important Stage 2. Understanding that there’s no such thing as a one-line or a two-line Zodiac Killer Cipher makes possible solutions to the 32-letter and the 13-letter cryptograms. For all four of these head scratchers, it’s all about understanding how the Zodiac Killer used shaded or dissected, or not, circles, squares and triangles. Go on, call my bluff.

Right, people who want to continue thinking that Richard Gaikowski was the Zodiac Killer can carry on attending their social club in San Francisco. A soft, gentle, conversation over a beer or two or a meal. Probably like a game of Cluedo without the game board. Then from time to time having a soft and gentle tourist guided tram tour of a Zodiac Killer scene by riding up and down the slopes of central San Francisco. It’s like treating the Zodiac Killer as if he were the cuddly grandfather of the Teletubbies. I’ve not seen a scrap of evidence to suggest that it was Gaikowski. Not one piece.

There are serious differences between faith, that is trusting unquestionably to something or someone’s viewpoint however wrong, researching something with an open mind to present it as a balanced report and investigating a crime in order to solve it. They are three completely different things.

Over this weekend, I’m running through several of the (post-Zodiac Killer era) 1970s and 1980s Zodiac Ciphers where the name Randy Kenney appears. The name alone is not sufficient to credit the crimes to that person. It is his name together with considerable amounts of details of the murders which makes it a Zodiac Cipher. That’s my bottom line. For Internet purposes, shortened versions offer best reading and that’s what I’m posting.


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