Posting Part 2 of Zodiac Cipher – Natalee Holloway . . . at Tuesday 14.00 London UK Time

Natalee Holloway, 18 years old, USA citizen declared dead in absentia. Collateral damage for the narco terrorists based in New South Wales, Australia. Cocaine shipments 2005 from Aruba to New South Wales Australia. Narco terrorists residing in leafy New South Wales suburbs. Untouchable, above the law, living under the protection of corrupt New South Wales police.

We’re going to be running through the first batch of serially killed Australian victims, appearing in this Zodiac Cipher, which the narco terrorists held up in Aruba in 2005 as their credentials. We’ll be cross-referencing each name within the Zodiac Cipher – Natalee Holloway with its victim’s page on the Australian Federal Police’s New South Wales Missing Persons web site. At 14.00 we’re not playing Cluedo. These were real people, like you and me, living real lives.

Natalee Holloway


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