Posting Part 3 of Zodiac Cipher – Natalee Holloway . . . at Wednesday 14.00 London UK Time

I’ve decrypted the name of a third suspected member of this NSW Australian narco terrorist organised crime gang. Plus, as serial killing credentials of the three, there’s another whole page of their NSW Australia victims’ names.

Natalee Holloway’s case has all the hallmarks of a major cocaine trafficking deal. Aruba is a Dutch island right beside Colombia. The ruthless use of an innocent pawn murdered simply because her name and location’s wording fitted a Zodiac Cipher.

Natalee Holloway

On a law-and-order front, it’s not rocket science to imagine how compromising, career wise, marriage wise, liberty wise, could be the filming of an ex-Detective Superintendent fucking a New South Wales woman just days before she became a Missing Person suspected foul play. Columbian cut flowers for the wife ?



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