Zodiac Cipher – Albert Brown Mortuary Murders, Oakland – January 29, 1974 (2 of 2)

For these 3 murders in 1974, a man, Michael S. Jackson, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

But, what if, yes what if, he didn’t do it alone ? Or, what if, he didn’t even do it ? This year, I’ve decrypted a Zodiac Cipher of a case where a person had been sentenced to prison for murder. That person had later been exonerated and released several years later by the Appeal Court because it had been found to be a miscarriage of justice. I’ll post this case as soon as I have some available time. My decryption of Zodiac Ciphers began in March/April 2014.

Now, where before would we have have seen this serial killer’s name ?

Zodiac Cipher - Albert Brown Mortuary - 3 Murders - January 29, 1974 (2 of 2)


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