Zodiac Cipher – Revelle Balmain – 1994 – Buried full moon at McNair Avenue, Kingsford, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (3 of 3)

So, here is the last piece of what I’ve decrypted on Revelle Balmain. It’s not the last one for Commander Geoff Beresford nor for Barbara Brown and most certainly not for, prolific at what he does, Gavin Owen Samer.

I’ve read that there is a 250,000 Australian Dollars ‘Police’ Reward for information on an arrest and conviction in the Revelle Balmain case. So I’ve perhaps just thrown away about 10.4 % of potential theoretical ‘Police’ Rewards I intend to apply for in New South Wales. Justice comes first, clearing my name comes second and money comes third.

Firstly, I decrypt Zodiac Ciphers first and foremost to get justice for the victims, their families, their friends, everyone that knew them and miss them.

Secondly, to clear my own name which was dragged through the mud and slandered by the utterly ruthless, vile, corrupt Commander Geoff Beresford. A man who is prepared to kill to gain Police promotion and who has made 2 death threats against my life.

Thirdly, if a ‘Police’ Reward is there then yes why not apply for it. Unless, of course, that 250,000 Australian dollars is really a ‘NSW Police Slush Fund’ to protect criminals such as Beresford, Samer, Brown et al by corrupting others.

Zodiac Cipher - Revelle Balmain - 1994 - Buried full moon at McNair Avenue, Kingsford ... (3 of 3)

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