Scorpion S1 Cipher and ‘Letter’ Scorpion Cipher (1991)

You know, in this world, many ideas are simply a variation on a past theme.

The Scorpion S1 Cipher and a ‘Letter’ Scorpion Cipher, according to my cipher decryptions, were done by the same person that wrote the Zodiac Killer 340-cipher, the 408-cipher, the 32-letter and 13-letter cryptograms and the Zodiac Killer letters, cards, a scribbling on a car door, .. .etc. How sure am I ? This weekend, once I have written it up, I am posting the ‘Letter’ Scorpion Cipher, below. It can only be a partial decryption as it must cover a lot more crimes. The Scorpion S1 cipher I want to publish much later at the same time as the 4 above officially accepted Zodiac Killer ciphers/cryptograms.

‘Letter’ Scorpion Cipher (top image). Scorpion S1 Cipher (bottom image).

'Letter' Scorpion Cipher 1991
Scorpion S1 cipher (1991)

When I took a look at the above letter that accompanied a 1991 Scorpion Cipher, I noticed the sentence “I have recently moved into New Jersey and began a new crime spree”. So, I Search Engined the term ‘murder New Jersey 1991’ . This led me to decrypting the Lorraine Kelly and Mary Ann Pryor ‘Names Only’ Scorpion Cipher (it is identical to a ‘Names Only’ Zodiac Cipher) where, surprise surprise, appears the name R**** K*****. By changing this Search Engine term to ‘murder New Jersey 1992’ I have also found the crime details for the murder of Timothy Wiltsey alongside, well, the name R**** K*****.

Zodiac Cipher – Niagara Region Serial Killer – 1995 to 2005 – 5 murders (1 of 3)

This Niagara Region Serial Killer sequence operated in a region of Canada between September 1995 and December 2005.

Details :

Dawn Stewart, 31,
September 1995

Nadine Gurczensky, 26,
May 6, 1999

Diane DiMitri, 28,
August 9, 2003

Margaret Jeanette Jugaru, 26,
July 9, 2004

Cassey Cichocki, 22,
December 4, 2005

Zodiac Cipher – Niagara Region Serial Killer – 1995 to 2005 – 5 murders (1 of 3)