Zodiac Cipher – Detective Chief Inspector Simon Crisp (2 of 2)

The suspicious ‘disappearance’ on December 2, 2014 from Bristol Maternity Hospital, Bristol, England of new mother Charlotte Bevan and her 4-day old baby girl Zarnee Teanna was caught on the hospital’s CCTV cameras. Clips of these recordings have been released by DCI Simon Crisp to the media.

As pure speculation, with absolutely no evidence, I wonder whether this scenario is possible. Being in just hospital flip flops in the middle of the night, Charlotte Bevan might have quietly pre-arranged to proudly show her baby girl to someone outside the hospital, mother and baby then kidnapped, held for a while and filmed, then driven to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, where both were pushed or thrown to their deaths in the Avon Gorge by one or more sadistic serial killer. Because frankly DCI Simon Crisp I don’t believe your version.

Zodiac Cipher - Detective Chief Inspector Simon Crisp - deaths of a missing mother and baby - December 2, 2014 (2 of 2)

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