Let them eat ordinary cream and jam scones from recycled cardboard boxes

Charles Windsor is heir to Louis Mountbatten’s failed 1970s Operation Gladio ideas. Mountbatten’s, son-that-he-never-had, nephew is Charles Windsor.

Groomed by Mountbatten in extremist, wishy-washy, head-in-the-clouds, fantasies of yah, yah, Hurray Henry’s at the helm. “Oh, which button shall one press today ? Shall it be the BBC or prefer one the Big Red Button ?”

Dictatorships run by ageing hippy Kings, on Cornish cream, jam and scones served on silver platters, aren’t going to be in vogue any time soon. A military coup d’etat, with Charlie Windsor’s head-sticking-out-of the lead tank, as his band of merry men surround the House of Commons and insist that they have overthrown democracy in Great Britain and Northern Ireland ?

Far queue, Charlie Windsor.

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