Zodiac Cipher – The Mafia – Megan Roberts – a York University student’s death 2014

Unfortunate accidental drowning ?
Pushed, by another person, in to the River Ouse ?

Twenty year old York university Art student, Megan Roberts is reported to have been out drinking with friends at Popworld on George Hudson Street in York, England. In late January 2014, Megan Roberts was publicised as a Missing Person case. She was found several weeks later floating dead in the Ouse River. An accidental drowning ?

Murder’s not the crime, nor the police collusion, the only crime committed is decrypting this Zodiac Cipher and publishing it to the Internet.

The Mafia. Superintendent Phil Cain, of North Yorkshire Police, I don’t believe you. This is the same cipher as appears several times in another York (England) case: Claudia Lawrence. The Mafia.

Zodiac Cipher – Megan Roberts – a York University student’s death 2014


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