Murder’s not the crime, nor’s the police collusion. The only ‘crime’ committed is by the Joe Public who decrypts the ‘secret’ Mafia-Freemason cipher

Over the next few days, I’m publishing to this website cipher decryptions about:

a banker found hanged underneath a bridge in London ;

a teenage girl whose clothes were found on a Jurassic Coast cliff top ;

a late-20s Bolton woman, whose friend – ironically has the same first name as the teenage girl above – appears to indicate where she might be buried ;

an 18 year old lad who, after a night out with friends, was found weeks later floating face down in a Jurassic Coast harbour.

Four deaths. Two men, two women. You, be the judge of whether these Mafia-Freemason ciphers show murder was committed or whether you unquestioningly accept the local police force’s claims of death from natural causes or by suicide. Two ‘natural causes’, two ‘suicides’.