What is the key to happy family life ?

A few minutes ago, I was stopped in the street by two people (one British, one Bulgarian). It was an interesting conversation. Currently, I rarely hold conversations ; so it was welcome.

I’d taken a long walk into town, bought a coffee, sat down and drunk it in a modern swish cafe while looking out onto the awakening high street. Then, to give myself some more time to think, I’d walked home along a different route. Nearing home, by chance, I bumped into these two people.

To them, I said I’d post today something about Swanage in Dorset.

Would we want to live in a society where, if something happens to us, we would never ever phone the police ? Where calling 999 was a forgotten act and extremely unadvisable. Where, with impunity, the Neil Devoto and Paul Kessell plods threaten every Joe Public.