Sue Cox last night through 2 Dorset Police Force officers requested details of my GP’s address. Why ?

Given the accusation against Sue Cox is of assisting a serial killer, why exactly do you Sue Cox need to ask 2 Dorset Police Force officers to come around, knock on my door and ask me for my GP’s address ? I felt that they’d pressurised me into giving it.

What do you expect to find in my medical records ? What you’ll find is that I rarely go to see my GP because I’m in good health. This wreaks of a smear campaign by the corrupt official Sue Cox.

I’m again placing Sue Cox’s photograph on this website. Conspiracy to murder is a crime Sue Cox even with the assistance of your Dorset Police Force buddies to help you cover up your tracks.

I’m putting a complaint straight in against you Sue Cox for death threats, abuse of power, witness intimidation.

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