Airey Neave’s MI9 publicly operates in the UK using the cover name National Crime Agency (NCA)

Someone in the National Crime Agency (MI9) is targeting me. The NCA/SOCA/MI9 has a long history of criminal activity. You cover up your illicit activities by setting-up innocent people.

For the second time, in as many days, a neighbour has received a letter or a parcel delivered to my flat number. The Royal Mail deliveryman has to press the door bell on my door because that’s the flat number on the letter/parcel. So, I went downstairs and took the parcel. Then, on walking up the staircase I realised that it’s for the young lady that lives directly next door.

Sue Cox, everything about you shouts out at me that you’re a National Crime Agency (MI9) false flag operations employee. You see yourself as operating by ‘divine right’ ; you don’t care about laws, you don’t care about people. You just make ‘disappear’ anything that gets in the way of your NCA/MI9 making its illicit money.

Very clearly, an (NCA/MI9) ‘agent’ (accompanied by 2 Dorset Police officers) walked into my letting agency. Why ? Then, two screws were removed from my front door which my letting agency are refusing to replace until I get a ‘crime number’ from the Dorset Police. The Dorset Police (on the orders of the NCA/MI9) ain’t gonna give me a ‘crime number’.

Through your 2 Dorset Police officers knocking at my door, you asked for the address of my GP. Why would you want to contact him ? Why ?

Now, you’ve addressed to a co-targeted woman where I live a misdirected letter and parcel. Why ? Is that so that you can apply for a court warrant to contact my bank and check my bank account ? Why ?

It’s called harassment which then gets followed up by being framed for a serious crime which is then completed by a Miscarriage of Justice in court. The NCA/MI9 does it all the time.

In Dorset, the Jagged Edged cipher encryption ‘SARAH EVELYN ISOBEL PAYNE’S MURDER’ decryption is your gateway to harassing all men. Utterly despicable life destroying arrests and charges and smear campaigns by the NCA (MI9) that later get dropped (but not forgotten by the General Public). Who was the ‘deputy SIO’ (Senior Investigating Officer) in the 8-year old Sarah Payne’s murder case of July 2000 ?

I’m gonna publish to this website MU’s dirty little secret about the Sarah Payne murder.