The Jagged Edged – Sarah Evelyn Isobel Payne’s Murderer‘Sarah-Evelyn-Isobel-Payne-and-Deputy-SIO.pdf

Is Sarah Payne's killer still alive? Roy Whiting was told he'd never leave  jail

Sarah Payne, was an 8 year old girl born in Walton-on-Thames. She was killed by a paedophile (or gang ?) in early July 2000.

Sarah Payne’s case was one of the biggest that The News of the World ever ‘reported’. On its front cover, it promoted her case as their Sarah’s Law.

Note, Walton-on-Thames, is a small town of 22,800 or so inhabitants, where 12 year old Milly Dowler was also born and raised.

Amazingly, by adding just one very relevant word below Sarah Payne’s full name, we decrypt the name of the then Head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in West Sussex in 2002.

A long-time CPS person she has since been promoted to the very summit of the Crown Prosecution Service of England and Wales.

She has two sons.

Amazingly, by adding the name of her convicted murderer below Sarah Evelyn Isobel Payne’s name, we decrypt the name of the Deputy SIO in this case (Deputy Senior Investigating Officer).

Nowadays, the Deputy SIO in the Sarah Payne murder / paedophile case is a Police & Crime Commissioner on England’s south coast.

He specialises in ‘child protection’ cases in the quiet, sleepy, countryside county of Dorset.

He seems to see what he wants to see. A kind of á-la-carte policing in line with his own personal viewpoint. I guess, that’s what a Police & Crime Commissioner is.

It would seem, in Dorset, that there’s a paedophile under hill, sand and rock, everywhere.