Connecting the dots re: Gange Gang organised crime gang members

Gange Gang. Sue Cox (Susan Mary Cox) your boss Nam ‘The Hangman’ Hing Tang knocked on the door of our apartment block in Weymouth on the afternoon of Monday 12 April 2021. He left 3 letters (flats 2, 3, 4). Gange Gang.

Gange Gang. I’m again calling you out Susan Mary Cox as part of the organised crime organisation the Gange Gang. Sue me Sue except people like you Susan Mary Cox who live on the Dark Side don’t do it that way, do you. Gange Gang.

Gange Gang. Nam ‘The Hangman’ Hing Tang boss of Austin Peter Wainwright and Susan Mary Cox is the owner of both Ming Wah Restaurant, Weymouth and 77 Dorchester Road, Weymouth. Sue me Nam Hing Tang except people like you who live on the Dark Side don’t do it that way, do you, Mister the ‘Hangman’ Nam Hing Tang. Gange Gang.

Jagged Edged: One Life – Miscarriage of Justice campaign 1 – August 1985 – White House Farm

When you put the names of the victims of the White House Farm crime scene through MI9’s Jagged Edged cipher you can make up your own mind as to who – on the balance of probabilities – is guilty of the crimes. Was it Jeremy Bamber ? Or was it a 17-year old juvenile called Levi Bellfield employed by MI9 for reasons that only they could explain. Levi Bellfield is currently serving several Life Sentences most famously for the murder of Millie Dowler (Amanda Dowler).


Who is Levi Bellfield? Serial killer serving life in prison for multiple  murders
Levi Bellfield is currently serving several Life Sentences including one for murdering Millie Dowler.
In August 1985, Levi Bellfield was 17 years old which, in English law, made him a ‘juvenile’.

Jagged Edged: One Life

Today, at the planned multi organisations and individuals demonstration in Weymouth, Dorset I’m launching the ‘Jagged Edged: One Life’ movement. At the moment, it’s just me 1 person standing in the street. I shall see.

It’s to make us The General Public aware that if a murder is done this way – with the Jagged Edged cipher – no police force in the United Kingdom ever investigates it. A murder can be reported passed off as a ‘suicide’ or ‘accidental drowning’ … etc.

The Jagged Edged: One Life campaign is to change the law. Currently, a cipher used by MI9 cannot be considered in neither a police investigation nor in a court of law.

Going back in time, DNA evidence faced the same challenges.

Further back, finger print evidence also faced obstacles.

With time, both finger prints and DNA evidence have each become part of crime investigations. Each can be presented in court trials.

Now, MI9’s Jagged Edged cipher needs to be brought out from the shadows of ‘national security’ and ‘official secrets act’ territory to protect us The General Public.

‘The Worthy Matron’ (of The Order of the Eastern Star) locally / regionally / nationally (who knows?) Sue Cox / Susan Mary Cox

8 Line Encryption:

Decrypts as:

Susan Mary Cox is pure evil. She scares a lot of people. She’s connected as ‘The Worthy Matron’ to high-up Freemasons. Susan Mary Cox poses a considerable danger to the life of others. Out-and-out-Mafia.

Susan Mary Cox could through her Dorset Police Force buddies (Wiltshireman James Vaughan et al) plant all sorts of things in my flat. Drugs (which I have no involvement in any shape-or-form), child pornography (paedophile material), guns, knives, knuckle dusters (none of which I possess anywhere) and of course the planted DNA ‘evidence’ that leads to the treasured (of Freemasons in the police forces) `Miscarriage-of-Justice’.

In your make-believe world, right is wrong, left is right, up is down, 2+2=5, god knows what the date is. But only in Susan Mary Cox’s ‘The Order of the Eastern Star’ sphere and Wiltshireman James Vaughan’s Freemason sphere.

In the world I live in, 2+2=4, my right-hand is right, my left-hand is left, the ceiling is up, the floor is down, today’s date is Friday 2 April 2021 (it’s Good Friday). I say Happy Easter to everyone. Myself, I’m not at all religious and at the same time I respect the rights of everyone to believe whatever they choose to believe. With the exception of those who intend to hurt anyone in any way physically or psychologically.

I’m awaiting to be arrested. I can see it coming. Susan Mary Cox you’re absolutely fucked in the head. What’s the fabricated charge going to be ? or rather What are the fabricated charges going to be ?