Jagged Edged: One Life

Today, at the planned multi organisations and individuals demonstration in Weymouth, Dorset I’m launching the ‘Jagged Edged: One Life’ movement. At the moment, it’s just me 1 person standing in the street. I shall see.

It’s to make us The General Public aware that if a murder is done this way – with the Jagged Edged cipher – no police force in the United Kingdom ever investigates it. A murder can be reported passed off as a ‘suicide’ or ‘accidental drowning’ … etc.

The Jagged Edged: One Life campaign is to change the law. Currently, a cipher used by MI9 cannot be considered in neither a police investigation nor in a court of law.

Going back in time, DNA evidence faced the same challenges.

Further back, finger print evidence also faced obstacles.

With time, both finger prints and DNA evidence have each become part of crime investigations. Each can be presented in court trials.

Now, MI9’s Jagged Edged cipher needs to be brought out from the shadows of ‘national security’ and ‘official secrets act’ territory to protect us The General Public.

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