‘The Worthy Matron’ (of The Order of the Eastern Star) locally / regionally / nationally (who knows?) Sue Cox / Susan Mary Cox

8 Line Encryption:

Decrypts as:

Susan Mary Cox is pure evil. She scares a lot of people. She’s connected as ‘The Worthy Matron’ to high-up Freemasons. Susan Mary Cox poses a considerable danger to the life of others. Out-and-out-Mafia.

Susan Mary Cox could through her Dorset Police Force buddies (Wiltshireman James Vaughan et al) plant all sorts of things in my flat. Drugs (which I have no involvement in any shape-or-form), child pornography (paedophile material), guns, knives, knuckle dusters (none of which I possess anywhere) and of course the planted DNA ‘evidence’ that leads to the treasured (of Freemasons in the police forces) `Miscarriage-of-Justice’.

In your make-believe world, right is wrong, left is right, up is down, 2+2=5, god knows what the date is. But only in Susan Mary Cox’s ‘The Order of the Eastern Star’ sphere and Wiltshireman James Vaughan’s Freemason sphere.

In the world I live in, 2+2=4, my right-hand is right, my left-hand is left, the ceiling is up, the floor is down, today’s date is Friday 2 April 2021 (it’s Good Friday). I say Happy Easter to everyone. Myself, I’m not at all religious and at the same time I respect the rights of everyone to believe whatever they choose to believe. With the exception of those who intend to hurt anyone in any way physically or psychologically.

I’m awaiting to be arrested. I can see it coming. Susan Mary Cox you’re absolutely fucked in the head. What’s the fabricated charge going to be ? or rather What are the fabricated charges going to be ?

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