The Jagged Edged Cipher – The Dorset Police Public Protection Adults Team __ / Order of the Eastern Star – Sue Cox – The Worthy Matron

Alice-in-Wonderland. Miss Sue Cox employee of The Dorset Police Force in Weymouth, Dorset, England you must be on crack cocaine.

‘Has a Section 21 Notice.’ /
‘Door 3’s her trouble. Doubt debt at due to put out date but put out be. Lies I list as he starts taunts is tart aunt. Is to counts out costs courts at door 3. Here, he’s arrest. As arrears rent’s issue aren’t so non-starter are arrest’s. Select I bullet for foe I shot. Door 3 left. Death Threats is issue as are serve us Section 21 Notice at door 3.’ /

The Jagged Edged Cipher – Master Mason, Phillip Wakefield

You have access to many renters flats to do all sorts of ill deeds, including planting evidence in a renter’s flat. A few years back, I had a run-in with one of your staff members when she said that she could do the 6 monthly flat check while I wasn’t in. I put my foot down and said: “No!” and I insisted I had to be here when she walked through here, Flat 3.

When you, Phillip Wakefield squire/sunshine master mason, delivered by hand your ‘Section 21’ Notice letter – which I here confirm that I received at the end of March 2021 – you slid it underneath my front door. Wakefield, squire/sunshine master mason, you didn’t hand it to me in person. If you had, I’d have pointed out to you the 2 screws taken out of/stolen from the door handle required doing. To this day (3 August 2021) this hasn’t been done ; my front door handle remains wonky to the point that it could fall off.