‘Jagged Edged: One Life’ campaign

Under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, everyone has the right to life. No ‘state agent’ [MI9, MI6, MI5, or other] can terminate a person’s life, that is, kill or assassinate him or her.

It is under Article 2 (Right to Life), that the Gaia Pope-Sutherland (suspected murder passed off as a suicide) Coroner’s Inquest is being held in April 2022 under the auspices of The Senior Dorset Coroner Rachel Griffin.

Gaia granted full human rights inquest.

Why are you using my name and Amy Cotterell’s name et al in your organised crime gang (Marcus Hester, Phil Wakefield, Sue Cox, Laura Cowburn et al) cocaine trafficking deals ?

Philip Wakefield (foreground) and Laura Cowburn (on the staircase).

You, this morning, Philip Wakefield asked me if I’d asked permission to film you. No, I hadn’t. No intention of asking you.

How and why is it that people appearing in your Jagged Edged Ciphers end up dead ? These are part-and-parcel of cocaine trafficking deals, aren’t they. Ten million, fifty million, one-hundred-and-fifty million pounds sterling cocaine shipments, aren’t they.

Look at the Jurassic Coast Block 1 and Jurassic Coast Block 2 Jagged Edged ciphers. For example, Gaia Pope’s murder appeared on all the national television news channels (BBC, ITV, Sky) and front covers of the national newspapers.

Witness Intimidation by Philip Wakefield Against A Person With Evidence in Murder Cases. Murder’s not the crime nor’s the Dorset Police Force collusion. The only crime committed is Joe Public finding the evidence

Philip Wakefield this is Witness Intimidation. You Wakefield are telling me to get the ‘Fuck Out of Dorset’ before something happens to me.

I’m staying. I’m staying put because each Jagged Edged decryption indicates how you kill people – as part of your cocaine drug trafficking deals – according to the sentences / paragraphs that your organised crime gang Cryptographer writes.

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The Jagged Edged Cipher – (Suspected Murders – Block 2) – Jurassic Coast suspicious deaths (murder-part-of-cocaine-deals?)

The Jagged Edged Cipher –
Jurassic Coast suspicious deaths (murder-part-of-cocaine-deals?):
‘Steven Norris’
; ‘Anthony Russell’ ; ‘Robyn Nixon’ ; ‘Mercedes Harrison’
‘Thomas Caulfield’
; ‘Courtney Kilvert’ ; ‘Dale Pringle-Martin’ 

‘Order of the Eastern Star desire more deaths us use Sue Cox
no nonsense so someone’s locking I out says I kicking locks in
ease as a Court Ruling nicks I keys yes key cut someone’s then
stuck I out sucks I knickers in for eyes rise yes in ink is
enforcer enforces no problem am dial a Bailiff be I bad gal
able blame lad a male be jibe I liable bail I eff-off affray
re: I die before sir prepare appeal appear are prepare
one’s rope are report property repo risk I cover friend let
letter end same renter volts us use causes that fire oh at home
renter rent tenant Three (3) loft Flat Four (4) I retiree here
tire I’ve rift Sue Cox come on someone sexy incest at home’

Intelligence indicates at grave risk: Frances Ryan (niece of Sue Cox, The Worthy Matron, Order of the Eastern Star) ; Jeffrey Gibbons (neighbour of Sue Cox, The Worthy Matron, Order of the Eastern Star) ; Amy Cotterell (employee of Martin & Co, Weymouth, Dorset)

The Jagged Edged Cipher – (Suspected Murders – Block 1) – Jurassic Coast suspicious deaths (murder part of cocaine deals?) – Detective Inspector Hester Marcus – The Dorset Police Force

Jurassic Coast suspicious deaths (murder-part-of-cocaine-deals?):
’Callum Baker-Osborne’ (or is it ‘Callum Osborne-Ward’ ?) ;

‘Gaia Pope-Sutherland’ ;
‘Steven Norris’ ;
‘Anthony Russell’ ;
‘Robyn Nixon’ ;
‘Mercedes Harrison’

‘Drugs boat. Hester, Marcus arrives. It’s he has a Cocaine Line in Columbia or appear no problem. Bags drugs. Drugs lord’s boat. Gather are airplane a banker’ / ‘As has asks akin like lick cocaine kills’ … etc

Detective Inspector Marcus Hester of The Dorset Police Force and owner of Corner Stone Estates / Corner Stone Lettings

Intelligence indicates at grave risk:
Michael Hoskins (brother of Callum Hoskins, a new employee of Martin & Co, Weymouth, Dorset) ;
Amy Cotterell (employee of Martin & Co, Weymouth, Dorset) ;
Keith Taylor-Ward
… et al

The Right to Life / The Right to Live

The crime is neither the murder nor the police collusion. The only crime committed is Joe Public finding the evidence. 

The Jagged Edged Cipher. How can you and I (The General Public) be killed just because my / your / our name/s makes a series of words ? Sometimes, it is just alone (Amanda Dowler, 13 year old, London, 2002) more often in combination with other people’s names.

True story. ’Daddy Bear’ MI9’s Director-General J**** R***-M*** MP, like a dynastic Roman Emperor, has 30 or 40 people contract killed one-by-one by a serial killer along The Jurassic Coast. The Dorset Police Force releases statements to the media saying “no suspicious circumstances”. 

According to The Dorset Police Force’s Detective Inspector Marcus Hester and his gangland pals these contract killings were all suicides (Gaia Pope, Mercedes Harrison, Anthony Russell, Thomas Caulfield, Courtney Kilvert) or drownings (Liam Conway-McDonagh, Christopher Vaughan, Oscar Montgomery, Callum Baker-Osborne or is it Callum Osborne-Ward). Therefore, no murder investigation required. Who investigates The Dorset Police Force’s C.I.D. Murder Squad ? Answer: no-one.

If, as a Thought Experiment I figured out on paper the what ifs of assassinating MI9’s Director-General ‘Daddy Bear’ J**** R***-M*** MP. I would almost certainly get arrested by The Dorset Police Force. Later, I would be in court and I would be looking at a drummed-up ‘terrorism related’ charge, conviction and a long prison sentence. Remember, I am talking a Thought Experiment.

Murder’s not the crime nor is the police collusion. The only crime committed is Joe Public being told the truth.

The Jagged Edged Cipher – Through Who MI9 Money Launders Huge Sums of Drug Trafficking Money in Weymouth, Dorset, England

   Marcus Charles Hester           Susan Mary Cox

   Louise Amanda Wilkes
Amanda Jane Martin Philip Wakefield
   Cheryl Elaine Cole
   David Andrew Nightingale Lindsay Dudfield

   Teresa Dawn Nightingale

Decryption text includes:
‘am charters vessels tear am a Narco’ /
‘cocaine I money launderer launder’ /
‘warning I Wainwright, Austin’ /
‘cartel’s Sinaloa’ /
‘Ndrangheta sailing in’ /
‘all deals legal’ /

Drug Trafficking On The Jurassic Coast, England – The Jagged Edged Cipher – The Dorset Police Force officers – Detective Inspector ‘Marcus Charles Hester’ ‘Louise Amanda Wilkes-Owen’

MI9 builds its drug trafficking gangs around specific people. Each drug deal runs into the hundreds of millions of pounds sterling. MI9 doesn’t do a suitcase load through an airport.

Here’s the origin of a major drug trafficking gang operating on The Jurassic Coast of England. The arrival of each major drugs consignment seems to tie in closely with the murder (sometimes passed off as a suicide) of a named person (e.g. recently, Mercedes Harrison, Thomas Caulfield, Courtney Kilvert, et al).