Campaign: ‘Jagged Edged: One Life’

The right to life is enshrined in law under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

It isn’t optional according to who’s the Dorset Police Force Chief Constable. It isn’t optional on who’s the head of the Dorset Police Force’s C.I.D. murder squad. It isn’t optional on who’s the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner. It isn’t an entitlement that any Dorset Police Force employee – current, past, future – can kill or assist another to kill ; knowing that no-one would ever dare investigate them. Show me the law that says that Detective Inspector Marcus Hester and Austin Wainwright have a licence-to-kill as if they were both 007 James Bonds.

Elements of the Dorset Police Force are either in total denial and burying their heads in the sand or they’re actively in collusion. Justice has to be seen to be done. Reading sugary sweet buzzwords uttered by chief constables so that the local newspapers can fill their thinning pages is – in the case of Jagged-Edged ciphers – life threateningly dangerous and not simply just insulting.

Can I point out, that Dario Antonio Usuga, Columbian drugs lord has had substantial numbers of police officers murdered. Anyone who works with this monster – Usuga – should never, ever be allowed to continue working in the Dorset Police Force.

The Jagged Edged Cipher – Columbian drugs lord Dario Antonio Usuga (aka Otoniel) – Philip Wakefield – Marcus Hester

The Jagged Edged Cipher –
Jurassic Coast suspicious deaths (murder-part-of-cocaine-deals?):
’Calum Baker-Osborne’ (or is it ‘Calum Osborne-Ward’ ?) ; ‘Gaia Pope-Sutherland’ ;
‘Steven Norris’ ; ‘Anthony Russell’ ; ‘Robyn Nixon’ ; ‘Mercedes Harrison’ ; et al 

‘Drugs lord Usuga, Gulf Clan, Los Urabeños hire the Ri…ght. So, no army
man on Left [i.e. Farc]. Be saw a war absurd Gulf Cartel. People appear.

That Hester Marcus arrives. It’s he has a Cocaine Line in Columbia or
appear no problem. Bags drugs. Drugs lord’s boat. Gather are airplane
a banker’ / ‘As has asks akin like lick cocaine kills’ / ‘bombs’

Photo left,
Detective Inspector Marcus Hester of The Dorset Police Force
and former owner of Corner Stone Estates / Corner Stone Lettings.

Photo centre,
Philip Wakefield has in 2021 bought these businesses from
C.I.D.’s Marcus Hester through Martin & Co Ltd, Weymouth branch.

Photo right,
Columbian drugs lord Dario Antonio Usuga. Leader of the
right-wing Gulf Clan / Los Urabeños / Gulf Cartel. Arrested late-
October 2021 by 500 special forces Columbian soldiers assisted
by the intelligence services of the USA and the UK. He appeared
USA’s Most Wanted Top 10 with a $5 million reward on his head. 

Wikipedia page on Dario Antonio Usuga, head of the Gulf Cartel / Gulf Clan / Los Urabeños in Columbia.

The Daily Mail (UK) news report:
Colombia’s most wanted drug lord is captured in jungle hideout: Kingpin ‘Otoniel’ is arrested after raid by more than 500 special forces troops ‘in biggest blow to cocaine trafficking since fall of Escobar’

Usuga aka Otoniel’s drug trafficking deal with Detective Inspector Marcus Hester of The Dorset Police Force

Dario Antonio Usuga aka Otoniel
head of the Gulf Clan / Gulf Cartel / Los Urabeños
in Columbia. This monster Usuga has been arrested this week.

Re-reading this encryption I noted something yesterday.

D R U G S … L O R D … U S U G A … G U [ L F ] … [ C ] L A N
D R U G S … L O R D … U S U G A … G U [ L F ] … [ C ] A R T E L

U R A [ B E ] N O S

A L S O … C A L [ L E D ] … [ O T O ] N I E L

H E S T E R … M A R C U S … A R R I V E S … H E … H A S … A … C O C A I N E … L I N E … I N … C O L U M B I A … N O … P R O B L E M … B A N K E R

What did / has ever done Calum Baker-Osborne, Gaia Pope-Sutherland, Steven Norris or Michael Hoskins or Keith Taylor-Ward to you Detective Inspector Marcus Hester of The Dorset Police Force and your dozen or so other Dorset Police Force Detective Inspectors in your Jurassic Coast cocaine drug trafficking gang ?

The Jagged Edged Cipher – Did Serial Killer in Weymouth, Dorset murder elderly couples in North of England that have been passed off as murder-suicides ?

Please read The Daily Mail’s news report:
Senior coroner is suspended over her suggestion a serial killer murdered at least five elderly couples – after deaths were recorded as murder-suicides

Serial Killer residing in Weymouth,
 Dorset – Blackpool suspect

Charlene Downes, 14 years old and Paige Chivers, 15 year old

Here’s the PDF of Jagged Edged cipher evidence of their murders.

The Jagged Edged Cipher – Gaia Pope-Sutherland – rape and suspected subsequent murder

Encryption: ‘Gaia Pope-Sutherland’
Decryption: ‘hiatus us gather are rape her are here prepare hear appear a proper paper * are rope ** plan a open-ended Napoli *** pen depend’

* paper = national newspaper ?
** (suspected) murders of Anthony Russell, Mercedes Harrison, Thomas Caulfield ?
*** Cosa Nostra ? Mafia ?

Encryption: ‘Anthony Russell / Robyn Nixon / Mercedes Harrison / Thomas Caulfield / Courtney Kilvert / Jeffrey Gibbons / Frances Ryan’
Decryption: ‘Sex, Connor Hayes. She’s sob. Oh no, consent’s necessary. Cry refrain’