Campaign: ‘Jagged Edged: One Life’

The right to life is enshrined in law under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

It isn’t optional according to who’s the Dorset Police Force Chief Constable. It isn’t optional on who’s the head of the Dorset Police Force’s C.I.D. murder squad. It isn’t optional on who’s the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner. It isn’t an entitlement that any Dorset Police Force employee – current, past, future – can kill or assist another to kill ; knowing that no-one would ever dare investigate them. Show me the law that says that Detective Inspector Marcus Hester and Austin Wainwright have a licence-to-kill as if they were both 007 James Bonds.

Elements of the Dorset Police Force are either in total denial and burying their heads in the sand or they’re actively in collusion. Justice has to be seen to be done. Reading sugary sweet buzzwords uttered by chief constables so that the local newspapers can fill their thinning pages is – in the case of Jagged-Edged ciphers – life threateningly dangerous and not simply just insulting.

Can I point out, that Dario Antonio Usuga, Columbian drugs lord has had substantial numbers of police officers murdered. Anyone who works with this monster – Usuga – should never, ever be allowed to continue working in the Dorset Police Force.

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