The Jagged Edged Cipher – Columbian drugs lord Dario Antonio Usuga (aka Otoniel) – Philip Wakefield – Marcus Hester

The Jagged Edged Cipher –
Jurassic Coast suspicious deaths (murder-part-of-cocaine-deals?):
’Calum Baker-Osborne’ (or is it ‘Calum Osborne-Ward’ ?) ; ‘Gaia Pope-Sutherland’ ;
‘Steven Norris’ ; ‘Anthony Russell’ ; ‘Robyn Nixon’ ; ‘Mercedes Harrison’ ; et al 

‘Drugs lord Usuga, Gulf Clan, Los Urabeños hire the Ri…ght. So, no army
man on Left [i.e. Farc]. Be saw a war absurd Gulf Cartel. People appear.

That Hester Marcus arrives. It’s he has a Cocaine Line in Columbia or
appear no problem. Bags drugs. Drugs lord’s boat. Gather are airplane
a banker’ / ‘As has asks akin like lick cocaine kills’ / ‘bombs’

Photo left,
Detective Inspector Marcus Hester of The Dorset Police Force
and former owner of Corner Stone Estates / Corner Stone Lettings.

Photo centre,
Philip Wakefield has in 2021 bought these businesses from
C.I.D.’s Marcus Hester through Martin & Co Ltd, Weymouth branch.

Photo right,
Columbian drugs lord Dario Antonio Usuga. Leader of the
right-wing Gulf Clan / Los Urabeños / Gulf Cartel. Arrested late-
October 2021 by 500 special forces Columbian soldiers assisted
by the intelligence services of the USA and the UK. He appeared
USA’s Most Wanted Top 10 with a $5 million reward on his head. 

Wikipedia page on Dario Antonio Usuga, head of the Gulf Cartel / Gulf Clan / Los Urabeños in Columbia.

The Daily Mail (UK) news report:
Colombia’s most wanted drug lord is captured in jungle hideout: Kingpin ‘Otoniel’ is arrested after raid by more than 500 special forces troops ‘in biggest blow to cocaine trafficking since fall of Escobar’

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