Dorset Police Force rings my doorbell on Sunday 14 November 2021

Since July/August 2020, I’ve been completely ignored on telephone calls and E-mails to the Dorset Police and E-mails to The Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner’s office.

Just now, as I was in the shower, the Dorset Police rang my door bell at 13.52 more-or-less. I got out of the shower, put on my dressing gown, went across to my office window, and I on my iPhone filming out of the window I recorded their police car. I didn’t answer the door. My filming reads 13.54 hrs.

Then, at a few minutes later, they again rang my door bell. Again, I saw out of the window their police car so I went back to my kitchen.

You can see the blue ‘rope’ on the ‘scaffolding’ that has been here since early 2020. That’s 22.5 months. Sue Cox, the former Vetting Supervisor in The Dorset Police Force, when I asked her when this equipment would come down replied: “Sorry to leave you hanging.” I point out that in the Jagged-Edged cipher that strongly indicates Sue Cox is a (Worthy Matron) of the satanic Order of the Eastern Star, it’s written using the names of several people who the Dorset Police claim committed suicide: Mercedes Harrison, Thomas Caulfield, Anthony Russell, Courtney Kilvert, Dale Pringle-Martin. Officially, at least three (Mercedes Harrison, Thomas Caulfield, Anthony Russell) were suicide by hanging.

What Sue Cox is doing is to make it look like a psychosis in a neighbour, i.e. me, who then on being evicted – Deputy District Judge Jolley has signed her and Philip Wakefield’s eviction order to have me thrown out – which is happening on 15 December 2021 goes on to commit suicide.

There is no chance I’d committed suicide like ever and I mean ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only a murder-passed-off-as-suicide could cover this case.