I’ve been told to delete this website. The threat was made on Sunday 28 November 2021

At 23.30 hrs on Saturday 27 November, at my home address Flat 3 …, I was arrested by 2 Dorset Police Force officers. I was charged with having an argument with my neighbour Sue Cox (of Flat 4, 75 Dorchester Road, Weymouth, England, United Kingdom) a full month before i.e. Tuesday 26 October 2021. I was held at the police station where I believe Sue Cox has worked at / works at: Weymouth Custody, Radipole Lane, Weymouth, Dorset, England. DT4 9WW.

I was held over, in a custody cell, until the following afternoon. Then, out-of-the-blue, I was told in the opinion of Dorset Police Force under the influence of their Sue Cox the ciphers I decrypt are ‘delusional’. So, 2 psychiatrists and 1 doctor interviewed me see if Sue Cox/The Dorset Police Force could have me sectioned under The Mental Health Act, 2007.

Somehow, I got released. I’m not sure how but I was released just before 17.00 hrs on Sunday 28 November 2021. I was released, effectively, on condition that I delete this website. I said that I’d do that. Here, right now I refuse to do that. My website, even under The Mental Health Act, 2007 threats stay up.

I’d been arrested on Common Assault i.e. I hadn’t physically touched my neighbour Sue Cox at Flat 4. Yet, I was released with a piece of paper that says ‘Notification of No Further Action (NFA) – Inc. Section 37B(5) PACE 1984’. Remarkably, I wasn’t charged nor issued a caution.

Their ‘Mental Health team’ demanded – across two meetings on Sunday 28 November 2021 – that I take down this website. I’m here refusing to do that without a Court Order instructing my web hosting company to do that.

I was asked ‘Can you imagine how Sue Cox must feel that her photograph is on your website?’ / ‘Can you imagine how Sue Cox must feel being called a criminal?’ No-one not once asked me how I’d cope after 15 December 2021 – when I’m leaving this address – having been evicted thru the actions of Sue Cox ex-employee of The Dorset Police Force. None of the three, 2 psychiatrists and 1 medical doctor, not once asked me how I felt being evicted on false accusations made by Dorset Police Force’s Sue Cox. No interest was made in what I’d do after been thrown out. For ‘Mental Health’ it all seemed like they were creating a ‘Mental Health’ psychosis situation at the whim of Worthy Matron Sue Cox of The Order of the Eastern Star.

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