[Shorts] The Jagged Edged Cipher – ‘Dorset Multiple Sclerosis Society’ / ‘The Acorns Day Centre, 5 Grosvenor Road, Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom’

How Sue Cox ex-police among a small corrupt organised crime gang within the [Dorset] Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner targeted me:

Encryption text (10-line encryption):
‘Dorset / Multiple / Sclerosis / Society’ / ‘ The Acorns Day Centre /
5 Grosvenor Road / Weymouth / Dorset / United / Kingdom’

Decryption text:
‘property repo renter so sorry rooms snore we agree cry moves so out
even deny anyone de-stressed an adventure street on in Dorset sure
truth tend anyone destroy so loses lot rents so our courtroom dot i in
ink I intend see tenant he ends then dead’ / ‘in denies enters tenant
he sees torturer Sue – Vetting’
(Sue Cox ? Vetting Supervisor of The Dorset
Police Force?)
/ ‘Einstein’s Monsters’

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