What fascinates me about The Jagged Edged cipher ?

To me, cracking the Jagged Edged cipher is about spotting patterns. The Jagged Edged cipher is what I call it. I’ve no idea what, if anything, it’s actually called.

I realise it must be a Freemason cipher ; and no I’m not a Freemason. The earliest example, that I’ve found so far, is the Introduction written by Ben Jonson to William Shakespeare’s First Folio (1623). It involves no deaths, whatsoever, just very clever word play.

I suspect the origins of The Jagged Edged cipher go back perhaps as much as a 150 years earlier ; in texts of 1460s / 1470s in the Florentine dialect of Italian.

Along the way, I’ve found the Jagged Edged cipher, without any deaths, whatsoever, in these poems in English:

Ozymandias (Percy Shelley) 1818
The Charge of the Light Brigade (Alfred Tennyson) 1854
Invictus (William Ernest Henley) 1875

I’ve also found The Jagged Edged cipher has been used in the disappearance of people who later reappeared alive:

Natascha Kampusch

Michelle Knight / Georgina DeJesus / Amanda Berry

An as yet unsolved case of a 17 year (juvenile) British girl who’s been a Missing Person for several years. Based upon the Kampusch and Knight / DeJesus / Berry cases I think that it’s possible that the British youngster could still be alive. But, I don’t know that as a fact only as a decryption of the Jagged Edged cipher. Recently I read in the national newspapers that a police force says that she’s not alive.

My interest in The Jagged Edged cipher isn’t about death rather the challenge of cracking a cipher that some smart Alecs think is unique.

The Police look after their own. We, The Public, look after ourselves

In the course of a year, about the Police, I often say that if I were to drop a sweet wrapper in the car parking space of the county’s Chief Constable that person would probably require a special £3 million budget, from The Home Office, to solve the ‘crime’.

This afternoon, I went inside a Magistrates Court in England. I sat in the General Public area for curious spectators. I listened to two cases. One ended in the acquittal of the defendant on a charge of carrying an axe and a knife in his car. He had used both tools to help out a friend that same weekend clear his overrun garden. Correct legal outcome.

Faith, balanced reports, and solving the Zodiac Killer case

Before I say this, I’ve got a very good partial solution to the 340-cipher of the Zodiac Killer and a much more logical 408-cipher solution. The Hardens did Stage 1 of the 408-cipher’s decryption and they weren’t wrong but it has a crucially important Stage 2. Understanding that there’s no such thing as a one-line or a two-line Zodiac Killer Cipher makes possible solutions to the 32-letter and the 13-letter cryptograms. For all four of these head scratchers, it’s all about understanding how the Zodiac Killer used shaded or dissected, or not, circles, squares and triangles. Go on, call my bluff.

Right, people who want to continue thinking that Richard Gaikowski was the Zodiac Killer can carry on attending their social club in San Francisco. A soft, gentle, conversation over a beer or two or a meal. Probably like a game of Cluedo without the game board. Then from time to time having a soft and gentle tourist guided tram tour of a Zodiac Killer scene by riding up and down the slopes of central San Francisco. It’s like treating the Zodiac Killer as if he were the cuddly grandfather of the Teletubbies. I’ve not seen a scrap of evidence to suggest that it was Gaikowski. Not one piece.

There are serious differences between faith, that is trusting unquestionably to something or someone’s viewpoint however wrong, researching something with an open mind to present it as a balanced report and investigating a crime in order to solve it. They are three completely different things.

Over this weekend, I’m running through several of the (post-Zodiac Killer era) 1970s and 1980s Zodiac Ciphers where the name Randy Kenney appears. The name alone is not sufficient to credit the crimes to that person. It is his name together with considerable amounts of details of the murders which makes it a Zodiac Cipher. That’s my bottom line. For Internet purposes, shortened versions offer best reading and that’s what I’m posting.


Zodiac Cipher – Parked. Natalee Holloway are meet again outside nightclub Carlos ‘n’ Charlie’s, Oranjestad, Aruba, Kingdom of Nederland (1 of 4)

Murder isn’t the crime. Nor is the NSW Police involvement. The prosecutable crime is, you and I, Joe/Jane Public finding the evidence.

Listen, seated Australia’s Dark Arts taste cocaine. So, this is a loaded CIA gun. It’s a game. Are need to close business deal in bed. A bad gang bang do.

Zodiac Cipher - Natalee Holloway - Parked. Natalee Holloway are meet again outside nightclub Carlos ‘n’ Charlie’s … (1 of 4)

The evidence suggests the kidnap and murder of Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005 involved an Australian narco-terrorist crime gang that has current and former gang members within the New South Wales AFP (Australian Federal Police).

These utterly ruthless Australian narco-terrorists are known to release 15 secs pornographic clips, suspected filmed immediately pre-murder, of victims onto the Internet.

Their full protection is guaranteed by the gang members within the highest levels of the New South Wales AFP. These are prepared to kill. Death threats by NSW AFP gang members are made with impunity.

It is strongly suspected that ‘NSW AFP Police Rewards’ are being used as a slush fund for the protection of the gang’s members.

Parts 2, 3, 4 of this Zodiac Cipher reveal considerable amounts of information on these NSW Australia’s narco-terrorists’ murder activities.

Natalee Holloway -3.5 Hours from now . . . at Monday 14.00 London UK Time

Natalee Holloway

Part 1 (of 4)

Reveals the identity of a narco-terrorist organisation and the country that harbors it.


For Parts 2, 3, 4 bona fide ‘police rewards’ would ensure justice was seen to be done.


Part 2 (of 4)

Reveals the identity of two serial killers that it employs and begins to show their credentials.

Part 3 (of 4)

Continues to unravel these two murderers’ credentials in two long and bloody careers. For example, the Revelle Balmain case.

Part 4 (of 4)

Identifies a possible resting place for Natalee Holloway’s body a la Claudia Lawrence or Revelle Balmain.