Zodiac Cipher – in Latvian – Names Only – Alice Gross, Arnis Zalkalns

While I consider how to deliver my 80-page PDF Part 1 solution to the 340-cipher of the Zodiac Killer of late 1960s San Francisco, I think it makes sense to return to posting some more current-day Zodiac Ciphers.

The two people, 14-year old English girl Alice Gross and 41-year old Latvian citizen Arnis Zalkalns, it would appear were murdered as part of a major international cocaine trafficking conspiracy into England. Involved, it seems, were senior London Metropolitan Police officers. Just a hand full of dull senior London Metropolitan Police officers just getting through their dull little lives sat in dull little offices sharing camp coffee with dull little colleagues.

Currently, in the United Kingdom , murder isn’t a crime worth investigating, nor is major cocaine trafficking that involves senior police officers. The crime is the public, you and I, finding the evidence.

Zodiac Cipher - in Latvian - Names Only - Alice Gross, Arnis Zalkalns

Let’s use Google Translate on the Latvian sentence:

[Added note on Saturday 6 December 2014: Has someone inside the corrupt hierarchy of The Metropolitan Police approached Google in any way ? Because ‘kokain’ in Latvian translates into English as ‘cocaine’. When I posted this entry on 11 November 2014, Google Translate confirmed my translation and now it is no longer prepared to translate the Latvian word ‘kokain’ into English.]

Kolēģe Cali aiz cilvek Ealing Anglija kokain