Usuga aka Otoniel’s drug trafficking deal with Detective Inspector Marcus Hester of The Dorset Police Force

Dario Antonio Usuga aka Otoniel
head of the Gulf Clan / Gulf Cartel / Los Urabeños
in Columbia. This monster Usuga has been arrested this week.

Re-reading this encryption I noted something yesterday.

D R U G S … L O R D … U S U G A … G U [ L F ] … [ C ] L A N
D R U G S … L O R D … U S U G A … G U [ L F ] … [ C ] A R T E L

U R A [ B E ] N O S

A L S O … C A L [ L E D ] … [ O T O ] N I E L

H E S T E R … M A R C U S … A R R I V E S … H E … H A S … A … C O C A I N E … L I N E … I N … C O L U M B I A … N O … P R O B L E M … B A N K E R

What did / has ever done Calum Baker-Osborne, Gaia Pope-Sutherland, Steven Norris or Michael Hoskins or Keith Taylor-Ward to you Detective Inspector Marcus Hester of The Dorset Police Force and your dozen or so other Dorset Police Force Detective Inspectors in your Jurassic Coast cocaine drug trafficking gang ?

The Jagged Edged Cipher – Gaia Pope-Sutherland – rape and suspected subsequent murder

Encryption: ‘Gaia Pope-Sutherland’
Decryption: ‘hiatus us gather are rape her are here prepare hear appear a proper paper * are rope ** plan a open-ended Napoli *** pen depend’

* paper = national newspaper ?
** (suspected) murders of Anthony Russell, Mercedes Harrison, Thomas Caulfield ?
*** Cosa Nostra ? Mafia ?

Encryption: ‘Anthony Russell / Robyn Nixon / Mercedes Harrison / Thomas Caulfield / Courtney Kilvert / Jeffrey Gibbons / Frances Ryan’
Decryption: ‘Sex, Connor Hayes. She’s sob. Oh no, consent’s necessary. Cry refrain’

What is the key to happy family life ?

A few minutes ago, I was stopped in the street by two people (one British, one Bulgarian). It was an interesting conversation. Currently, I rarely hold conversations ; so it was welcome.

I’d taken a long walk into town, bought a coffee, sat down and drunk it in a modern swish cafe while looking out onto the awakening high street. Then, to give myself some more time to think, I’d walked home along a different route. Nearing home, by chance, I bumped into these two people.

To them, I said I’d post today something about Swanage in Dorset.

Would we want to live in a society where, if something happens to us, we would never ever phone the police ? Where calling 999 was a forgotten act and extremely unadvisable. Where, with impunity, the Neil Devoto and Paul Kessell plods threaten every Joe Public.