Comment before I Post the . . . Scorpion Cipher – Scorpion Letter referring to New Jersey Crimes – 1991

The numbered line graphic below, will be presented as the:
Scorpion Cipher – Scorpion Letter referring to New Jersey Crimes – 1991

This New Jersey one covers no fewer than 20 murder victims with at least 12 names decrypted and at least one named major fire that accounted for another 8 deaths. I have only ever once decrypted a Zodiac/Scorpion Cipher that contains more murder victims’ names and details of their killings than this one. For the record that other one, from November 1969, contains not fewer than 43 murder victims names across California. Crimes committed pre- and post- the cipher’s appearance and that cover, at least, 1966 to 1974.

The Scorpion Letter, below, accompanied a Scorpion Cipher, one of several, that since 1991 have been sent to John Walsh the television presenter of ‘America’s Most Wanted’.

Scorpion Letter accompanying a Scorpion Cipher posted 1991

In my decryptions, there are remarkable similarities between the Zodiac Killer’s 340-cipher and the Scorpion S1 cipher and between the many ‘Letter’ Zodiac Ciphers, that I have been posting here, and this ‘Letter’ Scorpion Cipher. In all 4 types, I have decrypted the name R**** K***** or alternatively spelt as R**** C*****.

Please forgive my ignorance of certain aspects of the USA. I am from elsewhere.

Is it perfectly legal for an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), just for his own ‘fun’, to rape as many American women and small girls inside the USA as he likes, to kill as many Americans within the USA as he wants ? Is that just ‘standard CIA practice’ ?

Another point, am I permitted to allege that R**** K***** is a terrorist ?  I say that as he is not a Muslim. There is a letter from 1969, in which the Zodiac Killer states that he is going to blow up a bus load of school children. As the alleged Zodiac Killer is still alive and not in prison, I would guess that bomb threat remains. Then again, as he is not a Muslim, would the FBI et al allow anyone to call the Zodiac Killer a terrorist ? When I was growing up, the terrorists bombing my country, and killing many, had Irish names.

A picture below doing his Zodiac Killer’s friend monologue currently on YouTube.

Randy Kenney - The Zodiac Killer's Advocate on YouTube