Scorpion Cipher – Scorpion Letter referring to New Jersey crimes (2 of 4)

Scorpion Cipher – Scorpion Letter referring to New Jersey crimes (2 of 4)

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The names of the New Jersey victims here are:
Mary Pryor, 1974 murdered along with her friend Lorraine Kelly (see 1 of 4)
Karen Zendrosky, murdered in 1979
Melissa Padilla, murdered in 1994
Jennifer Persia, murdered in 1994
Carla Vicentini, 2006 FBI states on its website that she is officially a kidnapped person
Barbara Breider, murdered in 2006
William Schmidbauer, 2007 officially a Missing Person

Scorpion S1 Cipher and ‘Letter’ Scorpion Cipher (1991)

You know, in this world, many ideas are simply a variation on a past theme.

The Scorpion S1 Cipher and a ‘Letter’ Scorpion Cipher, according to my cipher decryptions, were done by the same person that wrote the Zodiac Killer 340-cipher, the 408-cipher, the 32-letter and 13-letter cryptograms and the Zodiac Killer letters, cards, a scribbling on a car door, .. .etc. How sure am I ? This weekend, once I have written it up, I am posting the ‘Letter’ Scorpion Cipher, below. It can only be a partial decryption as it must cover a lot more crimes. The Scorpion S1 cipher I want to publish much later at the same time as the 4 above officially accepted Zodiac Killer ciphers/cryptograms.

‘Letter’ Scorpion Cipher (top image). Scorpion S1 Cipher (bottom image).

'Letter' Scorpion Cipher 1991
Scorpion S1 cipher (1991)

When I took a look at the above letter that accompanied a 1991 Scorpion Cipher, I noticed the sentence “I have recently moved into New Jersey and began a new crime spree”. So, I Search Engined the term ‘murder New Jersey 1991’ . This led me to decrypting the Lorraine Kelly and Mary Ann Pryor ‘Names Only’ Scorpion Cipher (it is identical to a ‘Names Only’ Zodiac Cipher) where, surprise surprise, appears the name R**** K*****. By changing this Search Engine term to ‘murder New Jersey 1992’ I have also found the crime details for the murder of Timothy Wiltsey alongside, well, the name R**** K*****.