Over the next few days, Zodiac Cipher Postings

Zodiac Ciphers 1990s and 2000s where the suspect’s name R**** K***** or R**** C***** appears along with significant murder case details.

These include:

Calgary Canada Serial Killer
5 murders

Leinster Women (Republic of Ireland/Eire)
8 Missing Persons strongly suspected murders

Niagara Region Serial Killer (Canada)
5 murders

Route 29 Stalker Larry Breedon
1 murder and I attempted murder

The Texas Killing Fields
4 murders

Long Island Serial Killer
4 murders

The Seven Bridges Killer
11 murders or Missing Persons

Central Florida Murders
4 murders

Utah Cities February 9th Murderer
2006 and 2008
2 murders

This Weekend’s Zodiac Ciphers – 1970s and 1980s

Over Saturday to Monday I’m posting Zodiac Ciphers – all by the alleged same serial killer – covering the 1970s and 1980s:

The Texas Killing Fields 1971-1981
9 murders

The Texas Killing Fields 1983-1988
6 murders

Murdered Teenager – Cobleskill, New York 1974
1 murder

Valley Killer Connecticut River 1978-1988
7 murders and 1 attempted murder

This Weekend’s Zodiac Cipher Postings

Last weekend was Part 1 of my postings of post-Zodiac Killer era Zodiac Ciphers by one man in the USA. The 1970s and the 1980s.

This weekend is Part 2 of these postings. Again, the 1970s and the 1980s. We start tonight with ‘The Red Phantom Letter’ of 1983, continue with The Frankford Slasher 1985-1990 and finish today on The Colonial Parkway Murders 1986-1989. Over Saturday and Sunday, there are plenty more to publish here.

Once again, one serial killer’s name. Before I start posting, who would you think it was ?

Zodiac Cipher – The Daily Star front page – Monster rats the size of cows

Perhaps, it’s best to start with a lighter Zodiac cipher. Whatever could have made me think this particular newspaper headline could ever be a cipher ? After all, monster rats the size of cows do pass themselves off as journalists in national English newspapers. The vast majority of decent, honest journalists have to put up with this small minority of bloated vermin.

Parental Guidance. Zodiac Cipher content is not suitable for children.

The Daily Star - Monster rats the size of cows