Connecting the dots re: Gange Gang organised crime gang members

Gange Gang. Sue Cox (Susan Mary Cox) your boss Nam ‘The Hangman’ Hing Tang knocked on the door of our apartment block in Weymouth on the afternoon of Monday 12 April 2021. He left 3 letters (flats 2, 3, 4). Gange Gang.

Gange Gang. I’m again calling you out Susan Mary Cox as part of the organised crime organisation the Gange Gang. Sue me Sue except people like you Susan Mary Cox who live on the Dark Side don’t do it that way, do you. Gange Gang.

Gange Gang. Nam ‘The Hangman’ Hing Tang boss of Austin Peter Wainwright and Susan Mary Cox is the owner of both Ming Wah Restaurant, Weymouth and 77 Dorchester Road, Weymouth. Sue me Nam Hing Tang except people like you who live on the Dark Side don’t do it that way, do you, Mister the ‘Hangman’ Nam Hing Tang. Gange Gang.

Jagged Edged: One Life

Today, at the planned multi organisations and individuals demonstration in Weymouth, Dorset I’m launching the ‘Jagged Edged: One Life’ movement. At the moment, it’s just me 1 person standing in the street. I shall see.

It’s to make us The General Public aware that if a murder is done this way – with the Jagged Edged cipher – no police force in the United Kingdom ever investigates it. A murder can be reported passed off as a ‘suicide’ or ‘accidental drowning’ … etc.

The Jagged Edged: One Life campaign is to change the law. Currently, a cipher used by MI9 cannot be considered in neither a police investigation nor in a court of law.

Going back in time, DNA evidence faced the same challenges.

Further back, finger print evidence also faced obstacles.

With time, both finger prints and DNA evidence have each become part of crime investigations. Each can be presented in court trials.

Now, MI9’s Jagged Edged cipher needs to be brought out from the shadows of ‘national security’ and ‘official secrets act’ territory to protect us The General Public.

The Jagged Edged Cipher that indicates where be RIP Suzy Lamplugh is in the hands of Dorset Police Force

The Vanishing of Suzy Lamplugh: What happened to Suzy Lamplugh who  disappeared in Fulham - MyLondon

Is the body of Suzy Lamplugh buried in Dorset ? Very high probability. Has the location been protected by every single Dorset police chief constable / deputy chief constable / assistant chief constable / head of murder squad since 1986 ?

Look at the letter (below), received by Bournemouth police in 1986. In its Jagged Edged cipher format, it reveals the exact burial place in Dorset of Estate Agent Suzy Lamplugh (Susannah Lamplugh in the Decryption), the (very famous serial killer) couple who killed her and a person they set-up to carry the can for their murders of Sandra Court and Shirley Banks. The Cryptographer (its writer) as always in his Jagged Edged Cipher Encryptions gives his name and as always takes the published book titles of his next 2 books (published in 1986 and 1987) from the Decryption.

It’s known as the letter about the murder of Sandra Court.

The only thing you need to know to decrypt it is that the top line (‘Dear Sir I am writing to tell’)
needs to be split over 2 lines so that subsequently line 2 becomes line 3 (‘you that the tragic death of’), line 3 becomes line 4 (‘Sandra Court was a complete’), …etc. That way, over the first 3 lines you can immediately decrypt:
After that, it’s simply a question of sliding each line either to the left or to the right to produce the entire Decryptions.

Wiltshireman James Vaughan, in my eyes, you ain’t no copper. You’re first, foremost and forever-and-a-day a freemason. We The General Public, in your eyes, are irrelevant ; you ain’t here for us and our safety.

Statement from Chief Constable James Vaughan on police budget - Bridport  Life and Times

Missing Person cases where the person was “upset” or “very upset” as recently reported by The Dorset Police Force

There’s a pattern of behaviour here of The Dorset Police Force creating a Missing Person case then saying that the person is either upset or very upset.

In my case, I’m not a Missing Person. I’d never become voluntarily a Missing Person, ever. If I disappear and turn up dead that’s murder. I reassert that you Sue Cox have made death threats against my life. You Sue Cox are creating a situation where you can claim that I’m upset or very upset.

Sue Cox you’re picking an argument because you’ve accepted a contract to kill. The exact same contract to kill – for the Jagged Edged cipher value of their names – as must have been placed on (and accomplished by others) on Thomas Gatfield and Laura Dodon.

Have you seen missing man Darrell Genner?
The Dorset Echo
21 June 2020
Chief Inspector Steve Yeoman, of Dorset Police, said: “Since last night when Darrell was reported missing, … As his last message indicated that he was very upset …” 

Urgent appeal to find missing man Duncan Hewitt
The Dorset Echo
7 July 2020
Chief Inspector Lance Cliff, of Dorset Police, said: “When Duncan was last in contact with his family, he sounded very upset.”

Urgent appeal to find ‘very upset’ missing man Miles Bedford
The Dorset Echo
8 July 2020
“Chief Inspector Lindsay Dudfield, of Dorset Police, said: “We are very concerned about Miles as it appears that he was very upset during a phone call to his family in the early hours of today.”

Appeal to find missing man Zach Hill-Walsh
The Dorset Echo
15 July 2020
Chief Inspector Steve May, of Dorset Police, said: “We are very concerned about Zach as we understand he has been upset lately.”

Appeal to find missing man Kerim Eren from Blandford
The Dorset Echo
16 July 2020
Chief Inspector Lance Cliff, of Dorset Police, said: “We are extremely concerned for Kerim’s welfare as we understand he has been very upset recently.”

Urgent appeal to find missing man
The Dorset Echo
19 July 2020
“Michael Harris, 61, went missing from his home in Allen Road sometime between 6pm and 6.30pm on Saturday July 18. He was reported missing at 11.43am on Sunday July 19.”
“Chief Inspector Lindsay Dudfield, of Dorset Police, said: “We know Michael has been upset lately and officers are carrying out searches for him.”

Urgent appeal to find missing man in Weymouth
The Dorset Echo
28 July 2020
Chief Inspector Rob Chalkley, of Dorset Police, said: “We understand Christopher was upset as he left the address where he was staying …”

Update issued after police search for Lee Hepburn
The Dorset Echo
2 August 2020
Commenting earlier today, Chief Inspector Lindsay Dudfield of Dorset Police said: “Lee was reported to be very upset when he left …”

Urgent appeal to find missing William Price
The Dorset Echo
5 August 2020
Chief Inspector Lance Cliff, of Dorset Police, said: “We know William was upset earlier and we are becoming increasingly concerned for him.”

Urgent appeal to find missing Weymouth man Thomas Harper
The Dorset Echo
13 August 2020
Chief Inspector Alan Setchell, of Dorset Police, said: “As Thomas was very upset when he left his home, we are very concerned for his welfare.”

Bodies Found

Urgent appeal after major overnight search fails to find missing man
The Dorset Echo
24 July 2020
“Dorset Police received a report at 10.39pm on Thursday raising concern for the welfare of 34-year-old Thomas Gatfield after he was in mobile phone contact with family and friends and seemed very upset.”
Body found. Thomas Gatfield.

Body found in search for missing Dorchester woman
The Dorset Echo
5 August 2020
“Her death is not being treated as suspicious. The coroner has been notified. Chief Inspector Neil Wood, of Dorset Police”
Body found. Laura Dodon.

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These include:

Calgary Canada Serial Killer
5 murders

Leinster Women (Republic of Ireland/Eire)
8 Missing Persons strongly suspected murders

Niagara Region Serial Killer (Canada)
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Route 29 Stalker Larry Breedon
1 murder and I attempted murder

The Texas Killing Fields
4 murders

Long Island Serial Killer
4 murders

The Seven Bridges Killer
11 murders or Missing Persons

Central Florida Murders
4 murders

Utah Cities February 9th Murderer
2006 and 2008
2 murders

This Weekend’s Zodiac Ciphers – 1970s and 1980s

Over Saturday to Monday I’m posting Zodiac Ciphers – all by the alleged same serial killer – covering the 1970s and 1980s:

The Texas Killing Fields 1971-1981
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The Texas Killing Fields 1983-1988
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Murdered Teenager – Cobleskill, New York 1974
1 murder

Valley Killer Connecticut River 1978-1988
7 murders and 1 attempted murder