Why are you using my name and Amy Cotterell’s name et al in your organised crime gang (Marcus Hester, Phil Wakefield, Sue Cox, Laura Cowburn et al) cocaine trafficking deals ?

Philip Wakefield (foreground) and Laura Cowburn (on the staircase).

You, this morning, Philip Wakefield asked me if I’d asked permission to film you. No, I hadn’t. No intention of asking you.

How and why is it that people appearing in your Jagged Edged Ciphers end up dead ? These are part-and-parcel of cocaine trafficking deals, aren’t they. Ten million, fifty million, one-hundred-and-fifty million pounds sterling cocaine shipments, aren’t they.

Look at the Jurassic Coast Block 1 and Jurassic Coast Block 2 Jagged Edged ciphers. For example, Gaia Pope’s murder appeared on all the national television news channels (BBC, ITV, Sky) and front covers of the national newspapers.

Witness Intimidation by Philip Wakefield Against A Person With Evidence in Murder Cases. Murder’s not the crime nor’s the Dorset Police Force collusion. The only crime committed is Joe Public finding the evidence

Philip Wakefield this is Witness Intimidation. You Wakefield are telling me to get the ‘Fuck Out of Dorset’ before something happens to me.

I’m staying. I’m staying put because each Jagged Edged decryption indicates how you kill people – as part of your cocaine drug trafficking deals – according to the sentences / paragraphs that your organised crime gang Cryptographer writes.

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