Knock on my door 2

This evening, for about 10 minutes or so (21.00+/- to 21.11 hrs), 2 Dorset Police Force officers (1505) spoke to me at the door of my flat. Clearly, they’d been let in by ex-Dorset Police Force employee Sue Cox. I was filmed while I tried to explain when asked questions. To my knowledge, at no point has Sue Cox been interviewed. I stand by what I’ve said about Sue Cox that she’s been paid by an organised crime gang called The Gange Gang.

Going on past court cases, in previous decades:

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were arrested, tried, convicted and received several Life Sentences ;

Fred West and Rose West (nee Letts) were both arrested while only the latter faced trial, was convicted and received several Life Sentences ;

Levi Bellfield (né Rabetts) was arrested, tried, convicted and received several Life Sentences ;

A***** W********* might well get away with murder.

In all these cases, the exact same cipher (what, for want of a name, I call) The Jagged Edged cipher was used to choose the victims in order to create a series of sentences and paragraphs. Why ? You’d have to ask the person who’d written each cipher. Personally, I find it abhorrent that just because your name together with other people’s names can make a series of sentences and paragraphs you’re killed.

I’ll stand by my statements that a serial killer from the north of England is operating in Weymouth, Dorset and along the Dorset coast. For Charlene Downes and Paige Chivers and all his victims in Dorset sake justice must be seen to have been done.

Gange Gang – organised crime
serial killer residing in Weymouth,
Dorset – Part 4

Oscar Montgomery

Kevin Keeler

Anthony Russell

Found hanged at The Nothe, Weymouth, Dorset in October 2015.

The above PDF document contains the death threat being made by Sue Cox corrupt ex-Dorset Police Force and currently a facilitator for a serial killer in Weymouth, Dorset.

Knock on my door

The Dorset Police Force have decided to side with their corrupt Susan Cox. I’ve received a knock on the door from 2 NHS people just doing their job.

Earlier today, I called 999 and registered with the Dorset Police Force a death threat made by Sue Cox against my life. I stand by that.

Gange Gang – organised crime
serial killer residing in Weymouth,
Dorset – Part 2

The Gange Gang is under the protection of James Vaughan Chief Constable of The Dorset Police Force and people directly around him.

Here are 4 more murders passed off as ‘no suspicious circumstances’ by James Vaughan’s daytime colleagues.

Andrew Scott

Dominic Harding

Steven Norris

Dale Pringle-Martin

Here’s the PDF file of Jagged Edged cipher evidence in the murders of these 4 people.

Gange Gang – organised crime
serial killer residing in Weymouth,
Dorset – Blackpool suspect

Charlene Downes

Paige Chivers

Here’s the PDF of Jagged Edged cipher evidence of their murders.

Why I stopped adding to my blog in December 2017

Most employees within The Dorset Police Force are honest and do the job they’re paid to do to the highest professional, legal and ethical standards. They’re the silent majority. They deserve far more praise than they currently get.

It only takes a few rotten apples to upset the cart. Outside my front door, in December 2017, was left a ‘Sports Direct bag’ containing books. I didn’t touch it yet it soon disappeared. I realised that this was a warning from one of these (tiny number of) sewer rats within The Dorset Police Force.


It’s in The Jagged Edged cipher format.

Can you spot the sewer rats’ Jagged Edged cipher message ? The only clue I’ll give you for the decryption is ‘C O P S’.

I took the decryption as a threat. That’s the reason why I stopped posting entries to this blog.