Sue Cox last night through 2 Dorset Police Force officers requested details of my GP’s address. Why ?

Given the accusation against Sue Cox is of assisting a serial killer, why exactly do you Sue Cox need to ask 2 Dorset Police Force officers to come around, knock on my door and ask me for my GP’s address ? I felt that they’d pressurised me into giving it.

What do you expect to find in my medical records ? What you’ll find is that I rarely go to see my GP because I’m in good health. This wreaks of a smear campaign by the corrupt official Sue Cox.

I’m again placing Sue Cox’s photograph on this website. Conspiracy to murder is a crime Sue Cox even with the assistance of your Dorset Police Force buddies to help you cover up your tracks.

I’m putting a complaint straight in against you Sue Cox for death threats, abuse of power, witness intimidation.

What fascinates me about The Jagged Edged cipher ?

To me, cracking the Jagged Edged cipher is about spotting patterns. The Jagged Edged cipher is what I call it. I’ve no idea what, if anything, it’s actually called.

I realise it must be a Freemason cipher ; and no I’m not a Freemason. The earliest example, that I’ve found so far, is the Introduction written by Ben Jonson to William Shakespeare’s First Folio (1623). It involves no deaths, whatsoever, just very clever word play.

I suspect the origins of The Jagged Edged cipher go back perhaps as much as a 150 years earlier ; in texts of 1460s / 1470s in the Florentine dialect of Italian.

Along the way, I’ve found the Jagged Edged cipher, without any deaths, whatsoever, in these poems in English:

Ozymandias (Percy Shelley) 1818
The Charge of the Light Brigade (Alfred Tennyson) 1854
Invictus (William Ernest Henley) 1875

I’ve also found The Jagged Edged cipher has been used in the disappearance of people who later reappeared alive:

Natascha Kampusch

Michelle Knight / Georgina DeJesus / Amanda Berry

An as yet unsolved case of a 17 year (juvenile) British girl who’s been a Missing Person for several years. Based upon the Kampusch and Knight / DeJesus / Berry cases I think that it’s possible that the British youngster could still be alive. But, I don’t know that as a fact only as a decryption of the Jagged Edged cipher. Recently I read in the national newspapers that a police force says that she’s not alive.

My interest in The Jagged Edged cipher isn’t about death rather the challenge of cracking a cipher that some smart Alecs think is unique.

Knock on my door 2

This evening, for about 10 minutes or so (21.00+/- to 21.11 hrs), 2 Dorset Police Force officers (1505) spoke to me at the door of my flat. Clearly, they’d been let in by ex-Dorset Police Force employee Sue Cox. I was filmed while I tried to explain when asked questions. To my knowledge, at no point has Sue Cox been interviewed. I stand by what I’ve said about Sue Cox that she’s been paid by an organised crime gang called The Gange Gang.

Going on past court cases, in previous decades:

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were arrested, tried, convicted and received several Life Sentences ;

Fred West and Rose West (nee Letts) were both arrested while only the latter faced trial, was convicted and received several Life Sentences ;

Levi Bellfield (né Rabetts) was arrested, tried, convicted and received several Life Sentences ;

A***** W********* might well get away with murder.

In all these cases, the exact same cipher (what, for want of a name, I call) The Jagged Edged cipher was used to choose the victims in order to create a series of sentences and paragraphs. Why ? You’d have to ask the person who’d written each cipher. Personally, I find it abhorrent that just because your name together with other people’s names can make a series of sentences and paragraphs you’re killed.

I’ll stand by my statements that a serial killer from the north of England is operating in Weymouth, Dorset and along the Dorset coast. For Charlene Downes and Paige Chivers and all his victims in Dorset sake justice must be seen to have been done.

Gange Gang – organised crime
serial killer residing in Weymouth,
Dorset – Part 4

Oscar Montgomery

Kevin Keeler

Anthony Russell

Found hanged at The Nothe, Weymouth, Dorset in October 2015.

The above PDF document contains the death threat being made by Sue Cox corrupt ex-Dorset Police Force and currently a facilitator for a serial killer in Weymouth, Dorset.

Knock on my door

The Dorset Police Force have decided to side with their corrupt Susan Cox. I’ve received a knock on the door from 2 NHS people just doing their job.

Earlier today, I called 999 and registered with the Dorset Police Force a death threat made by Sue Cox against my life. I stand by that.

Gange Gang – organised crime
serial killer residing in Weymouth,
Dorset – Part 2

The Gange Gang is under the protection of James Vaughan Chief Constable of The Dorset Police Force and people directly around him.

Here are 4 more murders passed off as ‘no suspicious circumstances’ by James Vaughan’s daytime colleagues.

Andrew Scott

Dominic Harding

Steven Norris

Dale Pringle-Martin

Here’s the PDF file of Jagged Edged cipher evidence in the murders of these 4 people.

Gange Gang – organised crime
serial killer residing in Weymouth,
Dorset – Blackpool suspect

Charlene Downes

Paige Chivers

Here’s the PDF of Jagged Edged cipher evidence of their murders.