Zodiac Cipher – Names Only – Ukiah Double Murder – 1968 – Nancy Warren, Clyde Dulancy (Corrected as Clyda Dulaney on Dec. 2, 2014)

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Zodiac Cipher – Names Only – Ukiah Double Murder – 1968 – Nancy Warren, Clyda Dulaney (with corrections made on Dec. 2, 2014)

Nancy Warren and Clyda Dulaney were both murdered near Ukiah City in Mendocino County, California on October 13, 1968.

Because of the need to replace with the correct spelling of Clyda Dulaney and needing to reduce to just near Ukiah, the location of the murders, this Zodiac Cipher Jpeg has been deleted. The two Zodiac Ciphers have been changed accordingly. Click above for the new page.


Zodiac Cipher – Names Only – The Alphabet Murders 1971-1973 – Wanda Walkowycz, Carmen Colon, Michelle Maenza

This one is just another taster on what a named serial killer on this web site seems to have got up to in the early 1970s.

Together the murders of three children in New York State were called The Alphabet Murders. Called so because the start of the first name and surname of each victim had the same alphabet letter.

Wanda Walkowycz was 11 years old when murdered.

Carmen Colon was 10 years old when killed.

Michelle Maenza was 11 years old when her life was taken.


Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphabet_murders

The Alphabet Murders - Names Only - 1971-1973

Zodiac Cipher – Names Only – Croatia 2005-2008 – Irena Myakar, Andrew Modistach, Britt Lapthorne – (Part 1 of 3)

Here’s another possible version of the Zodiac Cipher with the names of Irena Myakar, Andrew Modistach and Britt Lapthorne.

Zodiac Cipher - Names Only - Croatia 2005-2008 - 1 of 3

You know, when the only thing ‘police officers’ do is give out speeding tickets to car drivers for doing 38 mph in a 30 mph area, doesn’t the world just look rosier than it really is.

Zodiac Cipher – Names Only – Croatia 2005-2008 – Irena Myakar, Andrew Modistach, Britt Lapthorne – (Part 2 of 3)

If you’re interested in the Zodiac Killer of the late 1960 San Francisco you may have wondered ‘whatever happened to him’. Did the Zodiac Killer commit suicide or did he die in some other way ? Did he suddenly just stop killing people ? Did he end up in prison or a secure psychiatric unit ? Did he ‘get better’ and settle down as a good husband and father of 10 kids and go to work as a happy-go-lucky kindergarten teacher and church on Sundays ? Well, according to my decrypted Zodiac Ciphers he carried on exactly the same throughout the entire 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s. Here’s one from 2005-2008.

Zodiac Cipher - Names Only - Croatia 2005-2008 - 2 of 3

Two of these murdered were Australians, Andrew Modistach and Britt Lapthorne. The third, Irena Myakar was Slovenian. Serial killer being protected internationally by among others the New South Wales ‘police officer’ Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford, and the Interpol seat-warmer American Richard Noble. These two officials bought off a certain corrupt coke-head of a woman ‘police officer’ shown in photo.

Zodiac Cipher – in Latvian – Names Only – Alice Gross, Arnis Zalkalns

While I consider how to deliver my 80-page PDF Part 1 solution to the 340-cipher of the Zodiac Killer of late 1960s San Francisco, I think it makes sense to return to posting some more current-day Zodiac Ciphers.

The two people, 14-year old English girl Alice Gross and 41-year old Latvian citizen Arnis Zalkalns, it would appear were murdered as part of a major international cocaine trafficking conspiracy into England. Involved, it seems, were senior London Metropolitan Police officers. Just a hand full of dull senior London Metropolitan Police officers just getting through their dull little lives sat in dull little offices sharing camp coffee with dull little colleagues.

Currently, in the United Kingdom , murder isn’t a crime worth investigating, nor is major cocaine trafficking that involves senior police officers. The crime is the public, you and I, finding the evidence.

Zodiac Cipher - in Latvian - Names Only - Alice Gross, Arnis Zalkalns

Let’s use Google Translate on the Latvian sentence:

[Added note on Saturday 6 December 2014: Has someone inside the corrupt hierarchy of The Metropolitan Police approached Google in any way ? Because ‘kokain’ in Latvian translates into English as ‘cocaine’. When I posted this entry on 11 November 2014, Google Translate confirmed my translation and now it is no longer prepared to translate the Latvian word ‘kokain’ into English.]

Kolēģe Cali aiz cilvek Ealing Anglija kokain


A train, a word soup and a Canadian

I was returning home on a train last night. Sat beside me was a Canadian lady. I noticed she was doing, just to while away her journey time, a word soup in a monthly puzzles magazine. So, I pointed out how I’d used these when I was learning Spanish and years later Russian. Naturally, I saw the basic similarities between a word soup puzzle and the current ciphers I decrypt. I don’t often promote this web site in person but I gave this Canadian lady my web address.