Zodiac Cipher – The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer 1973 – McLaughlin, Vasquez, Quilantang, Thomas, Gidley, (2 of 2)

Susan McLaughlin was found stabbed to death on March 2, 1973.

Rosa Vasquez, worked at Letterman General Hospital, Presidio, San Francisco, California. Cause of death was strangulation. The date was May 29, 1973.

Yvone Quilantang, was 15 years of age and 7-months pregnant, when her body was located in San Francisco on June 9, 1973. She had been strangled.

Angela Thomas, 16 years old, had been smothered to death in her school playground at Benjamin Franklin Junior High School, Daly City, California. Her body was found on July 2, 1973.

Nancy Patricia Gidley, was last seen at a Rodeway Inn Motel. Her body was found in San Francisco on July 13, 1973. She had been strangled.

Caroline Davis – alternatively spelt Carolyn Davis – was found dead having been poisoned with Strychnine some 10-14 days previously. Under Graysmith’s numbering Caroline Davis is ‘Zodiac Killer’ victim 37.

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders - McLaughlin, Vasquez, Quilantang, Thomas, Gidley, Davis (2 of 2)

Zodiac Cipher – The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer 1973 – McLaughlin, Vasquez, Quilantang, Thomas, Gidley, (1 of 2)

All details and numbering are from page 310 of Robert Graysmith’ s excellent book Zodiac (Titan Books, 2007) :

Susan McLaughlin, victim 32, body found March 2, 1973.

Rosa Vasquez, victim 33, found May 29, 1973.

Yvone Quilantang, victim 34, found June 9, 1973.

Angela Thomas, victim 35, found July 2, 1973.

Nancy Patricia Gidley, victim 36, found July 13 1973.


Louie Myers seems to have been a lifetime friend of Randy Kenney. By profession, they were both long-distance truck drivers. Including Canada.

Louie Myers joined the US Army and served from January 1971 to January 1973. He was stationed in Germany (Europe).


Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders - McLaughlin, Vasquez, Quilantang, Thomas, Gidley (1 of 2)


Zodiac Cipher – The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer 1972 – Ohlig, Kamahele, Derrick, Clery, Kursa

The website Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders I recommend as essential reading. Without such a dedicated website (authoress Deborah Silva), I might not have been able to put two-and-two together, Zodiac Killer / Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer.

All details and numbering are from page 310 of Robert Graysmith’ s excellent book Zodiac (Titan Books, 2007) :

Linda Ohlig, victim 27, body found March 28, 1972.

Jeanette Kamahele, victim 28, disappeared April 25, 1972.

Lynn Derrick, victim 29, found July 26, 1972.

Alexander Clery, victim 30, found September 4, 1972.

Lori Kursa, victim 31, found November 11, 1972.

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders - Ohlig, Kamahele, Derrick, Clery, Kursa

Zodiac Cipher – The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer 1971-1972 – Dudley, Weber, Sterling, Allen

California’s media, newspapers and television or radio channels back then, without realising it gave the self-titled ‘Zodiac Killer’ a new name over 1972-1973. That name is the ‘Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer’.

However long it takes me to get a police force to investigate this evidence, for the victims and their families, this guy is going to face a court of law for the crimes he has done. In all murder cases, justice must be seen to be done.

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders - Dudley, Weber, Sterling, Allen

Linda Dudley, is in effect the final ‘Zodiac Killer’ victim, killed on August 20, 1971. She is unofficially recognised, by Graysmith, as a potential Zodiac Killer victim, the twenty-third.

Yvone Weber and Maureen Sterling were school friends at the Herbert Slater Middle School and were murdered on February 4, 1972. Yvone Weber is a potential Zodiac Killer victim (the twenty-fourth victim) and Maureen Sterling (the twenty-fifth) according to Robert Graysmith in his book Zodiac (Titan Books, 2007).

Kim Allen is unofficially Graysmith’s ‘Zodiac Killer’ victim number twenty-six.


Zodiac Cipher – Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford – Revelle Balmain case

Revelle Balmain is strongly suspected, by a New South Wales Coroner, to have been murdered on 5 November 1994.

Revelle Balmain

Revelle Balmain

Gavin Owen Samer appears in over 20 NSW Australia cases with Zodiac Ciphers. Of these 20 people, none has reappeared.

Zodiac Cipher - NSW Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford

Two death threats against my life have been made by Geoff Beresford. Think I’m kidding ? Ask the chief of station at the British Embassy in a country where I once lived. Beresford, fuck you, cuckold.

Zodiac Cipher – Names Only – Arnis Zalkalns Alice Gross 2

Murder isn’t the crime. Nor is the police cover-up. The prosecutable crime is you and I finding the evidence.

Alice Gross and Arnis Zalkalns, two innocents pawns, appear to have been killed as a deal condition in a a major cocaine trafficking deal that involves senior Metropolitan Police officers. Take a look through the Alice Gross Category.

Zodiac Cipher - Alice Gross case - Arnis Zalkalns Alice Gross

Zodiac Cipher – Commander Graham McNulty – Alice Gross and Arnis Zalkalns cases

Commander Graham McNulty gave the press conference declaring that 14-year old London girl Alice Gross’ body had been found.

I would never ever have dared publish this ‘Name Only’ Zodiac Cipher without first having published the :

“Significant efforts were made to conceal the body”

a phrase Commander Graham McNulty, in a highly emphasised manner, said on camera to the UK’s media.

So, Police Rank and name Zodiac Cipher . . .

Zodiac Cipher - Commander Graham McNulty

The Eyes of the Zodiac Killer

To place Randy Kenney / Cenney in some sort of context please read through my Category ‘The Zodiac Killer 1966-1971’ perhaps before you choose to watch the following 2 videos. Remember, he is not as young and as athletic as he would have been back in the late-1960s, 1970s, 1980s.

Video one, he gave an interview to ABC7 television channel in February 2014. Duration 5 mins 56 secs.
Screen capture : Randy Kenney being interviewed by ABC7 television channel in the USA.

Randy Kenney - ABC7 screen capture

Quoting Randy Kenney from the ABC7 interview in 2014, apparently talking about another person’s conversation with him in 2002, he says between 1 min 52 sec to 1 min 59 sec :

“Well, he said, I killed some people. I’m the guy they’re looking for. They’ve been looking for me for over 30 years. I’m the guy that’s the Zodiac Killer.”

Video two, he has a ‘Zodiac Killer’s Advocate’ YouTube video under his name Randy Kenney.
Duration 3 mins 07 sec.

Screen capture : Randy Kenney from his YouTube monologue.

Randy Kenney - The Zodiac Killer's Advocate on YouTube

Quoting Randy Kenney from his YouTube monologue, apparently talking about another person, right at the end he says :

“. . . and how he got away with it. I didn’t tell them everything. There’s a lot of stuff that hasn’t been told to anybody yet. Intellectual properties of mine. There’s a lot of unsolved murders that this guy is responsible for and there’s a lot of things that he had told me . . . well, they [the police] don’t know everything yet.”

I cracked his Zodiac Killer ‘Names Only’ Cipher in March 2014 after seeing his ABC7 interview archived on the Internet.

For justice for all his victims, it is time for a police force to bring this guy in.