Why I stopped adding to my blog in December 2017

Most employees within The Dorset Police Force are honest and do the job they’re paid to do to the highest professional, legal and ethical standards. They’re the silent majority. They deserve far more praise than they currently get.

It only takes a few rotten apples to upset the cart. Outside my front door, in December 2017, was left a ‘Sports Direct bag’ containing books. I didn’t touch it yet it soon disappeared. I realised that this was a warning from one of these (tiny number of) sewer rats within The Dorset Police Force.


It’s in The Jagged Edged cipher format.

Can you spot the sewer rats’ Jagged Edged cipher message ? The only clue I’ll give you for the decryption is ‘C O P S’.

I took the decryption as a threat. That’s the reason why I stopped posting entries to this blog.

What is the key to happy family life ?

A few minutes ago, I was stopped in the street by two people (one British, one Bulgarian). It was an interesting conversation. Currently, I rarely hold conversations ; so it was welcome.

I’d taken a long walk into town, bought a coffee, sat down and drunk it in a modern swish cafe while looking out onto the awakening high street. Then, to give myself some more time to think, I’d walked home along a different route. Nearing home, by chance, I bumped into these two people.

To them, I said I’d post today something about Swanage in Dorset.

Would we want to live in a society where, if something happens to us, we would never ever phone the police ? Where calling 999 was a forgotten act and extremely unadvisable. Where, with impunity, the Neil Devoto and Paul Kessell plods threaten every Joe Public.

Murder’s not the crime, nor’s the police collusion. The only ‘crime’ committed is by the Joe Public who decrypts the ‘secret’ Mafia-Freemason cipher

Over the next few days, I’m publishing to this website cipher decryptions about:

a banker found hanged underneath a bridge in London ;

a teenage girl whose clothes were found on a Jurassic Coast cliff top ;

a late-20s Bolton woman, whose friend – ironically has the same first name as the teenage girl above – appears to indicate where she might be buried ;

an 18 year old lad who, after a night out with friends, was found weeks later floating face down in a Jurassic Coast harbour.

Four deaths. Two men, two women. You, be the judge of whether these Mafia-Freemason ciphers show murder was committed or whether you unquestioningly accept the local police force’s claims of death from natural causes or by suicide. Two ‘natural causes’, two ‘suicides’.

The Police look after their own. We, The Public, look after ourselves

In the course of a year, about the Police, I often say that if I were to drop a sweet wrapper in the car parking space of the county’s Chief Constable that person would probably require a special £3 million budget, from The Home Office, to solve the ‘crime’.

This afternoon, I went inside a Magistrates Court in England. I sat in the General Public area for curious spectators. I listened to two cases. One ended in the acquittal of the defendant on a charge of carrying an axe and a knife in his car. He had used both tools to help out a friend that same weekend clear his overrun garden. Correct legal outcome.