Murder’s not the crime nor’s the Police collusion. The only crime committed is Joe Public finding the evidence …

. . . that certain police forces don’t want to see or would prefer to ‘lose’.

Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford

Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford, now retired, of the New South Wales Police, Australia.

Former Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford would like to wipe off the face of this Earth this evidence in the murder of Revelle Balmain. The name Geoff Beresford inconveniently appears in one of these Zodiac Ciphers.

Ex-DS Geoff Beresford New South Wales (Australia) is a member of an organised crime gang that would like to get rid of the inconvenient evidence of their involvement in a major international cocaine trafficking deal which resulted in the disappearance and presumed death of a US citizen in 2005.

Zodiac Cipher - Revelle Balmain - 1994 - Buried full moon at McNair Avenue, Kingsford ... (2 of 3)Zodiac Cipher - Natalee Holloway - Parked. Natalee Holloway are meet again outside nightclub Carlos ‘n’ Charlie’s … (1 of 4)

At this point, I want to recognise that the vast majority of police officers in my country, Britain, are honest, lawful, up-hold the rule of law, follow protocol and are bona fide police officers. The police ‘system’ in Britain is still sound.

In my lifetime, I have been ‘arrested’ just once, as you will read below, and that was on the European continent. I was abducted by criminals who, on fabricated evidence, arranged for me to be arrested by a corrupt police officer and held in a police cell. I was not charged and I was released within 24 hours. The corrupt police officer told me that I could be held for up to 6 months on no charge. Using the fabricated evidence charge ordered by a Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford living the other side of the world, the same corrupt police officer threatened to use the European Arrest Warrant if I left their country. I have left their country and returned to Britain. I await their European Arrest Warrant.

Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford, made, through others, two threats against my life to lose evidence or else . . .

Two death threats were ordered against my life by Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford of the New South Wales Police, Australia through the international drug-traffickers’ Ronald Noble of Interpol who bought off a corrupt police officer where I then lived. One death threat, while I was under arrest, was a police hand gun put to my head where I was told they could blow my brains out there-and-then and the second death threat, was that I could be drug overdosed in their police cells and it made to look like a drug overdose or a suicide. I don’t smoke, barely ever drink alcohol and I have never taken drugs nor had any involvement in any form in my whole lifetime. The corrupt police officer that made the death threats wrote out in her own handwriting the four drugs that she would use.

This is the ‘police officer’ who made the 2 death threats against my life, after fabricating false evidence and threatening me with a ‘European Arrest Warrant’ on no evidence. Stick a baseball bat right up your fucking arse A***    *********    ******.

This 'police officer's' 2 death threats remain in place

So, what had preceded this ?

Several weeks before, I had found on the Internet several mini videos of 15 secs each showing individually or in pairs or trios 5 Missing Persons in New South Wales, Australia. With sound, with each introducing herself. All were women. I say ‘were’ because 2 of these women have since been ruled dead by Coroners in New South Wales. Another woman, British, has been extremely unfairly passed off as a ‘suicide’ by NSW Police which is highly unlikely according to her family. So, I posted a letter with CD/DVD disc to Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford of the New South Wales Police, Australia. A few weeks passed.

Then, out of the blue, the day of my ordered ‘arrest’. I was coming out of my local supermarket, 3 men in the car park forced me into their car. When the car approached some traffic lights, which were about 150 metres away, stopped and signalled to turn left, which only went down to the forest, I decided to force my way out of the car. There followed a big struggle in the middle of the road. Quite a few people saw it, some possibly might have recognised both me and the men. I was bundled back into the plain coloured car. I sensed the 3 men panicked. They then turned right at the traffic lights and drove into town. I was handed over at the police station where I was arrested for possessing the Internet acquired mini videos of 15 secs. I was put in a police cell, where at midnight a police officer told me that my urine sample contained heroin. I thought, what ? Heroin ? I have never taken drugs ever and I mean ever ! At gun point it was strongly impressed on me to never again contact the NSW Police or Interpol. And the fiasco continued . . .

I will show with my Zodiac Cipher evidence that the now retired Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford of the New South Wales Police, Australia has done cover-ups in several murders including the murder of model Revelle Balmain. The then Commander Geoff Beresford’s name appears in a significantly important Revelle Balmain cipher. His name is also in at least one other cipher.

I guess I should count myself lucky to still be alive. Well, as a law-abiding citizen, should I ? I thought the police were meant to operate by the rule-of-law ? I thought the police investigated crime ? I thought evidence is sometimes obtained from the public ? I thought the police were supposed to protect the public ? Don’t they ?

In April 2014, I cracked the Zodiac cipher’s structure and so I had deciphered my first Zodiac Ciphers. These were the 1968-1969 San Francisco ones of the Zodiac Killer. The historical ones from 1970 onwards for the rest of the USA, Canada and the ones that put names to USA and / or Canadian Jane or John Does began in mid-summer 2014. The Australian ones from the 1970s onwards started about August 2014. The English ones from early October 2014 onwards. The names of the 5 women Missing Persons in NSW Australia in several 15 secs mini video clips also appear across several Australian Zodiac Ciphers.

Though extremely tiny in numbers, Zodiac Cipher murders happen in at least the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, Italy. It needs halting now, with specialised police forces. Remember, though extremely remote, a Missing Person case could be a Zodiac Cipher ‘Names Only’ scenario requiring a murder investigation. Remember, it could happen to your daughter, your wife, your sister, your mother, your son, your husband, your father, your best friend, your neighbour, your classmate, your fellow undergraduate, your work colleague, or even you.

GCHQ, ASIS, Interpol, et al, yea love you too.

To conclude, through a false ‘arrest’ I realised that I had stumbled upon something important but extremely dangerous. Despite the 2 death threats ordered by Geoff Beresford, despite the threats of a fabricated evidence European Arrest Warrant to coerce me into dropping my Internet-based investigation, I have kept going. Through recently breaking the Zodiac Cipher, there is confirmation of a snake-pit of New South Wales Australian police corruption on an industrial scale.